Stéphane Plaza and Sophie Ferjani very complicit? She throws everything at their relationship

Sophie Ferjani will soon join her big accomplice in a new program signed M6. It’s about “Change everything or move everything”. On this occasion, the interior designer confided in ours coworkers of TV 7 days… We tell you everything!

Stéphane Plaza never gets tired of hosting various programs on the M6. The creation of the “Recherche Appartement ou Maison” nevertheless dates back to 2006. “15 years ago, in the beginning, it was once a year. Today I still do it with so much desire. Some experts have changed “Young people are arriving. I’m doing my job on TV. It might seem easier … But in any case, the public is watching.”, he actually explained.

However, he had almost a completely different job! ” When people ask me what I would have liked to have done as a job, I answer “firefighter or steward”. The English did not allow me to be a steward and firefighter, I am a volunteer firefighter today. But when you have the clumsy guy who comes to save you, then of course you freak out. Afterwards, as an 18-year-old (after his failed high school diploma, editor’s note), I was offered three jobs: medical secretary, croupier, or real estate agent. I choose the latter. », he explains.

“Flee me, I follow you, follow me, I flee from you”

Fortunately, the magic ends up working. ” And the passion comes to me, I do not want to let go of this job anymore. I’m not in doubt for the rest of my life. If anyone asks me today the question “if you should choose between a host and a real estate agent?”, I can assure you that I am taking a real estate agent. », he actually says in the columns of GQ magazine.

Today, at the helm of more than 500 agencies and a successful program on the M6, Stéphane Plaza has not taken the big head for all that. And that may be why he is one of the French’s favorite animators. “ I had the opportunity to make television late at the age of 35. I struggled a lot before, I saw green and unripe and the watermelon, I left it in the bottom of my bag. When you create a network, you have to be human for it to work. », he will emphasize.

Then it jumps back: “And it’s precisely because I’ve always wanted to be a real estate agent and not necessarily a host, even though I’m happy to be on TV, and I met Karine Le Marchand, that I do not have the melon, not the watermelon. I’m sitting on my butt. And I do not have a bigger apartment than the others. I stay natural, I’m in real life. We must continue to work just as much, if not more, to stay at the same level. »

Stéphane Plaza: “It feels like a movie. »

And if he’s terribly endearing, it’s definitely because he has this gift to always make us laugh. ” I think I’ve always been a cross between Mr. Bean and Pierre-Richard. Proven right now. You would see the head of my jeans there … I do not know where it comes from, I do not think there is enough space up there. Anything that sounds crazy can happen to me. When I take a plane, it is not uncommon to see the pilot have an epileptic seizure that prevents the plane from leaving. The productions of the shows do not want me to go anywhere alone. When I put my little car from the 80s, my Austin in the garage takes it back and the wheel disappears after 5 minutes … It feels like a movie. I support it, I live it well, but for the others it is harder. “, he concludes thus.

The public loves him, and his colleagues too! Especially Sophie Ferjani, with whom he has a very original relationship! “Flee me, I follow you, follow me, I flee from you”. This is actually the type of relationship that the real estate agent and interior designer has!

They each have a strong character, but they adore each other.“He speaks well,” he shouts […] it takes up a lot ”thus revealed Sophie Ferjani in the columns of Tele-Fritid. “We do not see each other often. […] but we know we can count on each other in times of need ”she added.

And there is one trait that the young woman especially appreciates. “He’s a really sweet guy, unable to cheat”. These two are really made to work together!

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