Amelle Deschamps: “The number of foster children explodes, with more and more babies”

Faced with this worrying situation, the county council has decided to mobilize an additional 9 million euros. To create places, but also a reception structure for babies.

She gladly admits it, with emotion in her voice: Not all children are born equal. Amelle Deschamps wants proof of this in the real explosion of numbers for children that have been removed from their parents and therefore handed over to the child welfare service. Sometimes for long periods.
Faced with this staggering increase in the number of children entrusted to the Saône-et-Loire, “our community has decided to mobilize a further 9 million euros, which will come on top of the 55 million already budgeted, ie one so far unseen increase of almost by almost 16.40%.

To correctly place the height of the challenge, the Vice-President of the Saône-et-Loire branch council, responsible for families, child protection and domestic violence, gives figures that make you dizzy:
“The number of inquiries increased by 40% between March and August 2021. Orders for interim placements are increasing and therefore entrust us with more and more children to be placed”.
“Already in 2020, we have created 60 additional reception places”.
“We therefore decided to vote in favor of a plan to create 144 more seats”
With therefore allocated 9 million euros. »30 places will be created in foster families, 30 in home placement. Not to mention a 7-person housing unit. “We need places that adapt. We will create three units in 8 places, especially for severe mental cases ”.
And then Amelle Deschamps makes a terrible observation: “We have welcomed more and more babies”.
In that sense, the county council has decided to establish an orphanage with 48 places ”. The place of its establishment should be known quickly ”.



An ambitious plan to cope with the increase in the number of foster children
Faced with the increase in the number of children entrusted to Saône-et-Loire, the department in Saône-et-Loire is now focusing on a larger plan with a dedicated envelope of 9 million euros with one main goal: to ensure the reception conditions for trusted minors is met.
The Department of Saône-et-Loire also wants to be able to have an enriched, modernized and diversified offer of child protection that is able to adapt in a flexible and reactive way to the nature of the needs of the people, supported.
This plan projects the creation of 144 sites, the spread of which is planned over several years: the end of the year 2022 to 2025. It takes concrete form through the publication of calls for projects and aims to meet three main objectives:
Strengthen the existing offer in foster family (30 places), home placement
(30 places) and classic living and reception areas (7 places)
Adapting to changing needs in the form of profiles with new responses to complex care for all age groups by developing 24 reception places for atypical care and a residence and workplace reception specialized in these care of 5 places.
Anticipate the application of the latest legislative changes by creating a social orphanage with 48 places, offering a family-like environment to the children being cared for, enabling the reception of siblings and also including the reception of young children from 0 to 6 years in a 16-year-old space nursery.
At the same time, as family assistants are also affected by price developments during their missions, it is proposed that they be extended to include an extraordinary measure planned for agents who receive flexible pay from the department and whose last monthly net pay before tax was less than € 2,200.
This measure consists of increasing the monthly payment for June 2022 by EUR 150 net.
As a reminder, in 2021, 1,560 children were entrusted to the department of Saône-et-Loire. That was 1034 in 2015
and 981 in 2010. This is
the reason why, from July 2021, the department wanted to work on an ambitious plan to deal with this situation, in line with the actions already taken in 2019-2020 under the Taquet contract;

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