Blake Horstmann calls Giannina’s romance a “good surprise”

Reality star Blake Horstmann further described his relationship with Giannina Gibelli All Star Shore as a pleasant surprise. Fans met Blake when he joined Bachelor Nation and competed for the love of Becca Kufrin in season 14 of the bachelor. Meanwhile, Giannina appeared in the first season of Love is blind. She became engaged to Damian Powers during the season, but their relationship fell apart. Blake and Giannina may have felt that their love was not in reality TV heaven, but little did the stars know that they were looking for love in the wrong programs.

Blake and Gianina got to know each other well during All Star Shores production in 2021. The show follows several reality personalities vying for a cash prize. However, Blake and Giannina were particularly quiet on social media at this time. But in January 2022, several reports confirmed that the reality TV personalities were dating. Blake and Giannina later confirmed they were an item in April. Giannina posted a picture on her Instagram story. The photo showed her posing with Blake during a European escape. In the photo, Blake wrapped her arms around Giannina as she lightly blocked her face with her hand.

Recently, Blake appeared in a virtual junket for the All Star Shore and opened up for page 6 about meeting Giannina in the show. During the interview, he said it was a nice surprise to find romance with Giannina in the show. Blake explained, “Nothing was forced. It was one of the coolest things because I’ve been to other shows where things are not necessarily forced, but … you get put in situations where they want a certain result.” said the 33-year-old All Star Shore was almost the opposite of other shows, with the cast being asked to step away from each other and focus on the competition. Therefore, it was much more fun and authentic, which he greatly appreciated. Blake could hardly believe what he was witnessing and what he was “wait until the other shoe falls” during manufacture. However, this never happened. He admitted that it was a nice surprise, and then he rolled over Giannina and said: “And she was a nice surprise, and what we built up throughout the show was a really nice surprise.”

Giannina also participated in the virtual junket, going in and out of Blake’s Zoom frame during the press, even though the dwarf parrots were in different rooms for the interview. During the chat, Giannina admitted that she could not resist Blake’s charm while filming the upcoming Paramount + reality series. That Love is blind alum explained that she did not expect to find anyone she would easily go to. But when she saw Blake, she could not help but see him every day. Giannina also noted that “risky games” on the show only strengthened her attraction to the Colorado-based DJ. She also teased their time on the new show, “I think you will eventually feel what we felt, which is a very authentic and very genuine thing that you should listen to and see.”

Blake and Giannina are obviously in love with each other. It is quite interesting that TV personalities have invented love All Star Shore, a series of party competitions, instead of their other reality shows, which were about finding love. As Blake and Giannina further confirm that their feelings are genuine, one can only hope that the relationship lasts a long time and is complete happiness. Fans will learn more about how this sweet couple fell in love and connected when the show premiered on June 29th.

Source: Page 6

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