INTERVIEW. Montauban en Scènes: for Calogero, “finding the public is magic”

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For the second night of the festival, the singer will take over the main stage of the Jardin des Plantes to perform his biggest hits and the titles from his latest opus “Center Ville”. Meet.

After more than three years of scenic absence, the singer began a major festival tour in mid-June, honoring his latest album “Center Ville”. It will be this Friday night on the festival’s main stage, at 22.15.

Your visit to Montauban en Scènes is part of a festival tour that you started last weekend in Nancy. How was this temperature taken?

It’s really super! I shared the poster with Gaëtan Roussel, we loved this exchange. I’m really very happy to have found the public. It was a nice big party to start this trip.

Did you miss this privileged contact with the public?

Huge. It is on stage that you really feel alive when you are a singer. This is where we express who we really are. There is nothing better than that, it’s magic. However, this break of more than three years after the “Liberté darling” tour allowed me to make “Center Ville” [sorti fin 2020, NDLR] and Florent Pagny’s latest album [“L’Avenir”, sorti en 2021, NDLR].

For this festival tour you perform your classic hits, but also the songs from “Center Ville” for the first time. Do you fear, despite the success of the album?

I still like the flyer because the scene allows you to see the audience’s reactions live. I had never imagined that the song “Rumor” would have that effect. It’s incredible. For “The one from below” or “It was better after” people can memorize the lyrics. They sing them when they are new songs. It touches me deeply. This is the real surprise at these concerts. And then there’s the festive side of the festivals: It’s very cozy and very family friendly to sing like that in the middle of summer with people who have acquired my lyrics.

And to see more generations?

Yes, it is very touching. I watch networks like TikTok Kids, covering “1987” with their own dates, or “Before You”, which has become a couple song. I was not expecting this, but I think it’s great.

You describe your new album as full of hope and optimism. Perfect for returning to the stage after this complicated period?

We have no choice but to be optimistic. It’s like a lifeline. Music is created for that. Even with pretty dark bands like Cure or Depeche Mode, which I admire a lot. To me, their music is luminous and radiates a kind of hope. Faced with this world going bad, it is our responsibility as artists to give people joy. We are privileged to be able to create things. It’s for me the best job in the world. I have to be there, it’s like a mission.

Around you on stage there are your faithful musicians, but also new …

There are seven of us on stage. There is something festive and very joyful about being together. Cyrille Nobilet (keyboard) and Jan-Pham Huu Tri (bassist) have been with me for a few years now. I also find guitarist Elsa Fourlon, with whom I created the Circus Project in 2012. Élise Masliah (guitarist), Victor Raimondeau (saxophonist) and Christophe Deschamps (great French drummer) joined us.

During rehearsals on the European stage in Paris in early June, Romy, one of your daughters, accompanied you on the piano on a title. Is she there on Friday?

Whenever she can, she comes to share the scene with me on “Stylo vert,” a song about school failures that is dear to me. She accompanies me when she does not have school and her 15-year schedule allows it. (laughs). For this Friday night, I’m going to see her. It will be a surprise!

Is this your first time in Montauban?

I started touring with Circus in Montauban ten years ago. We lived a strong thing here with this show. The audience had been amazing.

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