Book and Comic Book Releases – It’s everyone’s summer, even Spirou is leading the way

It’s the summer of all dangers, even Spirou goes to the front

Spirous masterpiece, “Hope after all, volume 4”

An absolute masterpiece, the saga in 4 albums by Spirou when he was not a piccolo on Majestic ...
Emile Bravo, a formidable storyteller at the height of his master Franquin.

Brioche and Tartine, it does not eat bread

Self-portrait of Violette Vaïsse, designer, painter, illustrator and inventor of the irresistible Brioche and Tartine.
Violette Vaïsse in the flesh, 33 years old and full of talents that express themselves in the most diverse departments!
A fun little book that will bring young and old together, woven by a joyful transgression.

Nick Hunt or Europe in Wonderland

Nick Hunt, wonderful storyteller about unexpected territories in Europe
A formidable round trip in Europe that carries its ecological message in the backpack with humor or poetry.

Roland Léléfan goes to sea and he is not alone

Louise Mézel, a crazy talent for all generations.
Roland goes to the beach, as Martine once did.
A beautiful trumpet poetry under the openness of Roland Léléfan.
One of Louise Mézel's Dalmatians, which shows her mastery of the smallest expressive nuance.  An entire work found under the apparent simplicity of his friend Léléfan.  The Dalmatians, says Louise Mézel, will soon have their album, chic!
The author pulls his teeth out, the former Republican guard for the anecdote ...
An original work that raises awareness of daily actions that have been harmful for centuries ...

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