after the death of a baby in Lyon, parents criticize the network of crèches

The employee in a private crèche in the 3rd arrondissement of Lyon admitted to having an 11-month-old baby ingest a toxic product last Wednesday. Parents whose children go to the same network of crèches believe that the management of the institutions has deteriorated.

“The last year was very complicated because everyone was stressed.” Three days after the death of an eleven-month-old girl in a kindergarten in Lyon’s 3rd arrondissement, a mother whose daughter went to the same institution for three years testified at the microphone on BFMTV. According to her, the management of the nursery had deteriorated sharply over the years.

“There were burnouts, people who stopped all the time, people who did not come. We ended up with one (helper) for nine, even ten children, and the contract clearly did not expire anymore. Everything respected,” she laments.

“We have always left our children with a lump in their stomach”

Contacted by BFM Lyon, a father whose child goes to nursery in the same network, People & Baby, also in the 3rd arrondissement of Lyon, confirms that the affair “disgusted” him, but “not surprised”. Referring to the company’s high prices, he states: “We can expect good benefits, but the historic employees are leaving everyone, replaced by trainees who show such a lack of interest that they cannot be retained”.

This father, who wishes to remain anonymous, also testifies to deteriorating management conditions: “In one year, we have seen the capacity of the nursery increase, but not the staff.”

“We have always left our children with a lump in their stomach for years,” he adds.

“We did not think it would go that far”

Another mother, whose child goes to the same institution, testified to BFM Lyon about similar problems. “For several months it has been chaos: the quality and many years of staff have left the ship or been on sick leave, for several months we have left our children to strangers, temps recruited overnight,” writes this mother, who also wants to remain anonymous.

According to her, the kindergarten staff “sometimes do not even know our children’s first names, or their habits, do not respect the parents’ instructions”. She also claims to have feared an “accident”. “But we did not think it would go that far,” she concludes.

The employee aimed

Wednesday morning, firefighters were called after an unconscious little girl in this nursery, located on rue Danton. In a hurry to the hospital, and despite several resuscitation attempts, the girl could not be resuscitated.

Initially, Lyons prosecutors had opened an investigation into “manslaughter”. An employee of the nursery, the only one present in the establishment at the time of the events, was placed in police custody. The latter admitted to having “sprayed” the little girl and then made her “ingest a corrosive product”, “exceeded by the baby’s crying”, the prosecution indicated on Friday.

The employee was charged with “voluntary killing of a minor under the age of 15”. On BFMTV this Saturday, his lawyer, Me Philippe Duplan told: “The baby was crying, she wanted to calm him down, he could not calm down. She made an unfortunate and clumsy gesture with very serious consequences”.

The case evoked a strong surge of emotion. In the neighborhood, astonishment reigns among the residents. At the microphone on BFMTV, one of them said to himself “horrified by what happened”. “It’s scary because as a mother we want the best for our children, and when we choose nursery, we expect the maximum from the staff,” she adds.

As the prosecution suggests, the continuation of the investigations will have to “determine the exact circumstances” of this tragedy and “elaborate on the elements concerning the employee’s personality”.

Hugo Frances with Fanny Rocher

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