Choose the right flowers to offer for different occasions

Flowers are important in just about any culture. They invite themselves into our daily lives and allow us to express ourselves without really saying a word. With flowers, man is able to let his neighbor know all his emotions when the latter is going through a situation or during the happiest events of his life.

Thus, bouquets of flowers can be offered at a birth, a birthday, a wedding, at the funeral, etc. But how do you choose the right flower to send the right message? If you have been looking for an answer to this question for a long time, you are welcome to come across this page, because it reveals everything to you. Read instead!

What should be offered to celebrate the arrival of a newborn?

The birth of a child brings joy to a family. To welcome this new pilgrim and at the same time congratulate his parents, you can offer them flowers with large petals. Opening petals symbolize the birth of something beautiful.

They are therefore well suited for such an occasion. Ideally, yellow should be found in the colors of said flowers. In fact, this color symbolizes happiness and immense joy. And everyone is happy on the arrival of a child, is not it?

Instead of going to a store, you can opt for flower delivery. You can have daffodils or sunflowers delivered. Daffodils are also a good idea. In addition, you should know that yellow lilies can also be offered on this occasion.

White flowers to offer for a birth

For a birth it is possible to offer white flowers. White represents innocence, purity, everything that characterizes the newcomer. In this case, you can offer the white gerbera to the parents. Daisies are also a good idea. A bouquet of white roses can also be offered for the celebration of a birth.

Here you can still contact a rose delivery company to be satisfied more quickly. It is free. This therefore reduces your expenses. To make things right, you can ask the florist to make you a flower arrangement in a holder. A wicker stand is more advisable here. Thus, you will have the opportunity to add a gift to the flowers. It could be a stuffed animal.

The best bouquets of flowers for Valentine’s Day

man offering flowers and gift for valentines day

When we talk about love, we think of passion, desires, etc. The flowers you will offer your partner on the occasion of this great celebration of lovers must express all this. To please your loved one, give them red roses. They symbolize love.

Since it is a very special occasion, it is advisable to offer the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with a bouquet consisting of 24 roses. Even if you do not say a word, your loved one will know that you will think about them all day long. What a beautiful proof of love!

If you are planning to declare your love to someone, just bet on a red rose. It is also full of meaning. The one who receives it will know that you have always carried it in your heart since the first day you met it. She will be more attached to you.

Red Anthuriums are also the perfect flower that you can give to your partner on the occasion of this lover’s party. Use it to declare your love for her. It is important to announce that your loved one will not remain indifferent when you give him the peony. The orchid and germin will also allow you to tell your partner everything you feel for him on February 14th.

Plant ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day

There are also plants that you can give to your partner to show them all your love. You do not have to browse different stores to choose the perfect plant, because plant delivery is also possible today. Jasmine symbolizes love and pleasure. It can be offered to indicate to your partner that you experience a feeling of deep joy when you are with her.

Heather’s resilience makes it the perfect plant to prove to your soulmate that your love is strong, hardy and long lasting. In addition to its resistance, this plant actually has a longer flowering period. The olive tree is also a good idea. It symbolizes peace and eternity.

Give it to your soulmate and she will understand that your love for her is strong and lasting. To prove to your partner that you are happy to have her by your side, you can offer her the Azaleen. It is the very symbol of sincere love.

The best flowers for the wedding

A bouquet of flowers

Do you have trouble finding the right words to express your joy to the newlyweds? Do you lack the expression to send them your wishes or desires? In this case, give them the right flowers. They will then even guess the bottom of your thoughts.

You can offer them a bouquet of tulips. These flowers perfectly symbolize love. However, you need to be careful with the colors. True love is here represented by.

As for mallows, they symbolize loyalty. You can offer the newlyweds a bouquet of iris. Iris symbolizes purity and tenderness. By offering them to your loved ones who have just gotten married, you are sending them your wishes for happiness.

White roses symbolize sincerity of feelings, attachment, true love, etc. They can be offered to newlyweds to congratulate them. Lily and orchids can also be offered on such occasions. You can use it to decorate your reception. They should therefore not be missing in your flower arrangements.

Other apartments to offer flowers to a loved one

little flower

Bouquets of flowers can also be offered for a birthday. In this case, it is advisable to take into account this relationship that you have with the lucky ones of the day. So you do not make the taste mistake. Bet on yellow roses to congratulate your colleagues on the birthday. You can give them to your friends for the same occasion.

They are the symbol of friendship, of joy. They also symbolize goodwill. In addition to these varieties, you can offer your dear peonies or hydrangeas. Lisianthus is not discouraged. All these flowers are refined and will surely delight the lucky ones of the day.

They allow you to rediscover the joy of living. The sunflower is a great gift idea for a close friend who is celebrating their birthday. It symbolizes a healthy and lasting friendship. Iris is also suitable for this event. In fact, this variety is the symbol of mutual trust. It is also the symbol of friendship.

Is it your boyfriend or girlfriend’s birthday? You definitely know her favorite flowers. To please him, just make a composition with these different flowers. If you have just started your relationship, the lily flower can be chosen. She is the symbol of a budding love.

Since it is an anniversary, your bouquet of flowers should be personal. Accompanying the latter with a bottle of champagne is not a bad idea in itself. The lucky one of the day will appreciate receiving their bouquet of flowers with a souvenir photo. Think about it! It should be noted that all of these brands of attention will tighten your ties.

What should be offered to a loved one to wish them a speedy recovery?

To wish a good recovery to a loved one lying on a hospital bed, for example, you can offer him peonies. They symbolize healing. Is one of your friends currently struggling with an illness? In this case, it will require perseverance. To show him your unwavering support, you can offer him hydrangeas. These flowers symbolize perseverance. If you want him to always be optimistic, give him sunflowers.

Flowers for the funeral

It could happen that one of your friends loses someone you care about. He needs all your support here. Be sure that the flowers you give him will comfort him. For funerals, wreaths and wreaths are more advisable.

As for their colors, you should essentially opt for light shades. To comfort the person, you can give him a wreath in which there will be chrysanthemums. These flowers symbolize eternity. They can also be used on All Saints’ Day.

Light pink can be used at funerals as they represent sympathy. Fleur-de-lis can also be offered because of the innocence and purity they symbolize.

The loved one you want to support must be calm and brave. To give him all the serenity he needs, do not hesitate to offer him bouquets consisting of violets and orchids. Anemones should not be missing in your composition. All these flowers symbolize serenity.

Now you know the message that flowers convey. With this knowledge, you can get the right message across without saying a word.

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