this decision that will turn their lives upside down

Alicia and Bruno are one of the cutest couples in the world Married at First sight. They seemed to experience a real thunderbolt in front of the M6 ​​viewers’ sore eyes. They were therefore among those that the fans of the show had no doubt about. If the assessment episodes of the fairy tale were to raise any kind of suspense, there was actually no one who was in doubt about them.

Because Alicia and Bruno literally seem created for each other. Also for the benefit of fans of Married at First sight, they confirmed that they wanted to remain married during the balance. Even better, they are ready for their relationship to take a little more momentum. For this they have several options. Object therefore invites you to discover the one they have chosen and which must be in place before the end of the year.

Alicia and Bruno remain obvious to the public

Fans of Mariés at first glance have rarely been so sure that a couple would make it. It is actually quite common that there is still doubt, even towards the duos that seem created for each other. And that’s lucky, otherwise the show wouldn’t offer any surprises to its audience. Because all the pairs formed by the production are supposed to be highly compatible.

However, this is not always enough to let the spark of love be born. Again, that’s gratifying. For if love were an exact science, then who could find it remarkable to meet your soulmate?

But back to Alicia and Bruno, who are therefore more in love than ever. Since if the public had not mistaken them, viewers of Married at First sight perhaps did not think they would speed up the stages of their relationship.

Just because two people get married does not automatically mean that they have to live together or start a family. These are projects that take time, especially when the bride and groom are two strangers at the time of the ceremony, Object will not tell you. But we must therefore believe that love gives wings. When Alicia and Bruno say they are ready to take a new step.

They are so confident in themselves and so happy with their decision that they say it will be in place by the end of this year 2022. In fact, only six months after the shooting of Married at First sightAlicia and Bruno have decided to stay under one roof!

A great decision for lovers

This is the big leap for Alicia and Bruno, they are now confident enough in what they feel for each other to share a life under one roof. And above all, they probably trust each other, whereas shortly before they knew nothing about each other. It is a successful blind marriage for our two lovers. It’s so much the more gratifying that fans of Married at First sight know that this kind of success is very rare.

Clearly, everyone wants their story to last as long as possible. And writesObject also wish all the happiness in the world to Alicia and Bruno. But as crucial as this milestone may be to their relationship, it is yet another no-brainer for fans of this pair. In fact, nothing can really surprise the public more about the relationship between lovers. The only way to surprise them is by telling them that they no longer agree. And from what we’re been able to see as the episodes progress, it’s not ready to happen.

Remember, even Bruno’s sister, who was very close to her brother, could not put any doubt in his mind about Alicia. And luckily! Moreover, she still apologized for it during the balance, and the lovers understood that her fear was only based on the deep love she has for her brother. In addition, she will soon be moving to allow Alicia and Bruno to live together.

Starting a life together allows Alicia and Bruno to be more united than ever. He says himself with lots of humor that it is when they never leave each other that they make the most sparks. “The biggest part of our success as a couple is when we turn off the lights.”, he said then. And it was right after this touch of humor that her sweetheart announced the big news: “We plan to live together within a year”.

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