Duels in Davidéjonatown by Artus in Théâtre Les Enfants du Paradis, our review

By Laura B. Posted June 27, 2022 11:54 AM

“Duels in Davidéjonatown”, the play by Artus, returns to Paris, for its very last performances, in the Les Enfants du Paradis theater, until July 3, 2022. A funny, crazy, absurd comedy, served by actors who do not that. do not hesitate to embark on improvisation.

A completely western westernThe hook of the first! comedy written by Arthur, Duels in Davidejonatown sets the tone … and the direction of one room goes all over it! After taking over the theater at the Feux de la Rampe, the Palais des Glaces, the Théâtre de la Tour Eiffel or the Apollo Theater, Duels in Davidejonatown plays extra time one last time and returns to the capital. On the 14th last performances irrevocable of Duels in Davidejonatown stand by Children of Paradise Theater (ex-Feux de la Rampe), Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, until July 3, 2022.

Surrounded by Sebastien Chartier, Greg Romano, Celine Groussard (which we loved in Coole at the Mogador Theater in 2017/2018) and Julien Schmidt, Arthur tread here the lands of it slapstick comedydismissed his absurd humor and switched.

The decor? A lost city in the Wild West with the dubious name on it Davidejonatown (nostalgic for the 80s, does that remind you of anything?). The story ? City dwellers fighting to the death come into duels to become the city’s new sheriff. And in all this, poor Billy (played by Sebastien Chartier)a modest pig farmer who was unknowingly signed up to take part in one of these deadly duels despite the fact that he had never carried a firearm in his life.

What’s up with Billy? Will he come out alive or dead from this bloody battle? And will he marry the one he has always secretly loved, Jane?

For his first room, Arthur surrounded himself with Roman knight for the writing and signs the staging itself using Melanie Segura. L ‘humorist, through Dance with the stars and as we recently saw in the cinema in The pampered, If we sang, The importance of the family, I love what you make, taste and colors before soon Liar, makes us travel in the land of the crazy cowboys armed with his deadly weapon … a humor crazy.

Our review :

With Duels in Davidejonatown, Arthur bog a comedy popular, just like the comedian and humorist he is: popular.
That roomwith bold humor – there are many valves under the belt and Arthur had warned before the rug went up: there should be a lot of vulgarity – is rhythmic, dynamic, crazy, absurd.

For these last performances Arthur updated its text room played for 4 and a half years. If the story of Duels in Davidejonatown supposed to take place in 1895 in the United States, the comedian did not hesitate to throw (very) current references to his comedy, ignores temporality. Whether it’s the pandemic, Francis Lalanne, the Bogdanov brothers, Florent Pagny, the men’s fashion week just concluded, the yellow vests, Eric Zemmour or even the series Arnold and Willy, they all find their place somewhere. The references do not stop there, they are very numerous. And we get caught up in the game of guessing them, especially when the words of the lyrics become text.

Also, Duels in Davidejonatown contains a great dealimprovstrength ofArthurwithout knowing exactly what was expected or not. Very good at improvising Arthur being helped (or not) by his troop, Celine Groussard, Julien Schmidt, Greg Romano and Sebastien Chartier. A squad that e.g. Arthurexcept for Sébastien Chartier, who remains Billy, the protagonist incarnates throughout, alternately different characters, including pigs. Arthur is a saloon keeper in Crocs and high socks before he is Maître Gims, a Mexican in a poncho or even Rocky the rock, a cowboy with a Quebec accent. As for Julien Schmidthe is the Indian Alain, but also the storyteller who has a way of telling close to Olivier de Benoists, as well as Bruno, a funny character inspired by Bernardo in Zorro. ONE room on an earlier era, with more characters as it had been Ben Hur parody by Hugues Duquesne, a play in which Benjamin Tranié, a fan of Fiat Multipla, played as Master Gims of Davidéjonatown.

Besides the improvwhich can sometimes turn out to be a little too long, which makes the scenes (per) last, Arthur has also chosen to offer many sides and mise-en-abîme. Regardless of his character, he often comments on the situation. Arthur also signs the staging of room which contributes to the fun with some great finds, especially when Greg Romano trying to shake Sebastien Chartier and especially when Billy goes in the mountains. Arthur turn the crank to operate the rolling decoration. The result is great to see.

The public is funny, won over the caseArthurand want more.

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