Interview. Jubilee sag. “Cédric is caught lying,” the children’s lawyer states

Me Laurent Boguet, the Jubillar couple’s children’s lawyer, made the accusation against Cédric, accused of “lying” about the use of his phone that fateful night (© Laurent Derne / Actu Toulouse)

His words are rare in this case. She only has more weight. By leaving the hearing in the Chins’ Chamber of Inquiry, on Tuesday 28 June, at the Toulouse Court of Appeal, which was examining a possible conditional release of Cedric Jubillar accused of killing his wife Delphine, Me Laurent Boguet gave his opinion on ongoing investigations.

L ‘children’s lawyer of the Jubillar couple, Louis and Eliyawonders about “it lies ”by Cédric. The lack of enthusiasm and perseverance he puts into writing for his children. And slips the banana peel off a possible overlay. Interview.

News: How is Cédric’s telephone an important element in this case?

Master Laurent Boguet: Because it allows Cédric Jubillar to get caught up in lying. He explains that his phone ran out of battery on the evening of December 15-16, 2020 (the night of Delphine’s disappearance, editor’s note). But when he had to get up the next day to go to work and his phone works like an alarm clock, he indicates that after recharging it, he put it in airplane mode. And this is a lie.

How do we know that?

Master Laurent Boguet: Very objectively, the mediocre quality of this phone has never allowed analysts to distinguish between a power outage due to a battery outage or a voluntary outage. Other better quality phones would have made it possible to do so. But experts have examined. If this phone had been set for charging at night, as Cédric Jubillar claims, it would have presented a very different charging index the next morning. So it might have just been cut off.

“Experts have proved that Cédric Jubillar’s phone was not in flight mode, that fateful night, but well cut. So he’s lying.”

Me Laurent BoguetLawyer for Louis and Elyah, the children of the Jubillar couple

Cédric Jubillar assures that he put it in flight mode so that the alarm clock rings in the morning …

Master Laurent Boguet: Yes, but the problem is that analysts say that this phone remained off at the most strategic times of the evening. And not just in airplane mode. They went further because this cut of the phone is quite unusual. Cédric Jubillar is part of the generation that decided to make it an extension of his hand. He is constantly on it.

“We can not say that Cédric Jubillar makes immense use of his opportunity to correspond with his children,” claim Louis and Elyah’s lawyer. (© Laurent Derne / Actu Toulouse)

What demonstrates?

Master Laurent Boguet: That this phone is interrupted in a worrying way, from around 10.30pm to 4am, where he turns it on again to feverishly call Delphine without getting an answer and then call the gendarmes. Until then, the phone was off. He claims otherwise. Why is he lying? We cannot help but fear that this shutdown corresponds to a moment when he did not want to be discovered at all. Either by the use he would have made of his telephone; or by a triangulation system, by the investigation services.

“We may even fear some form of deliberation”

Is this one of the famous serious and consistent tracks on which justice relies to keep Cédric Jubillar in jail?

Master Laurent Boguet: Cédric Jubillar’s phone is interrupted before 11 pm: By pushing for the hypotheses, we can even fear some kind of deliberation. Four different witnesses describe that in fit of rage he was able to say, ‘if she ever does it upside down against me, I will kill her and bury her in a place where her body will never be found’. The question of expectation, not to say deliberate, is raised (Cédric Jubillar is charged with aggravated murder. Deliberate or not, he already incurs the maximum, ie life imprisonment, editor’s note).

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“This justice is starting to scare,” the defense attorneys warned

They quarreled for a long time behind closed doors before the judges of the chamber of inquiry. And now awaiting Monday’s treatment. Without having too many illusions? “We continue to deconstruct this case. We knew it would be a marathon. We will not be deterred,” Alexandre Martin said as he left the hearing.
How did they find their client? “Very affected. This man has been in custody for a year, a year in solitary confinement, a year in which his only visit is the visit of his lawyers, and two excursions a day, with wire mesh on the sides, of fences over his head, a year, where he has not seen the sun “, claims Me Jean-Baptiste Alary.
How do they view the current procedure? “It is justice that begins to frighten. The justice that we fear for our family and loved ones that analyzes all elements as addictive, even if it means contradicting oneself, even if it means lying. It is this justice that we have known for a year now that it can only lead to disaster. A disaster for the truth. A disaster for Delphine’s family and loved ones. To do things this way, we are sure to approach the truth “, slice Me Emmanuelle Franck.
Me Martin loose, corrosive: “Every time we come to invoke the request for the release of Cédric Jubillar, we are taken out of the research. Last time it was drones in Cagnac. Today the gendarmes take over the excavations’ discreetly ” at the bottom of the cemetery. .. “. Coincidence? “Maybe, but this research can be done with Cédric Jubillar outside”.

“We are sure, with this way of doing things, to end up with a mistake of justice,” are shocked Me Emmanuelle Franck, Jean-Baptiste Alary and Alexandre Martin, lawyers for Cédric Jubillar (© Laurent Derne / Actu Toulouse)

The scenario of the marital dispute going wrong on the basis of revealed infidelity no longer holds the rope in your eyes?

Master Laurent Boguet: This presumed freakout is a working hypothesis. But she is not the only one. At the same time, we see that Cédric Jubillar before this evening resorted to some form of violence. He had put Delphine’s activities on hold to check if she had a lover or not. There has been some work by Cedric Jubillar to try to confuse Delphine over her alleged infidelity and why she allegedly did so.

“It’s out of the question that they’re leaving me again …”

What is your reading of a hypothetical proposition?

Master Laurent Boguet: In the legal analysis of the serious and consistent indications, the reinforcement of a certain number of elements is perceived. Mobile first. The psychological and psychiatric expertise allows us to assess that the person’s profile is compatible with a motive based on a background of abandoned experience. It is clear that ‘it is impossible for them to leave me again’. This element is not essential, but it can count.
There are objective elements in this file, investigations that actually allow us to fear that Cédric Jubillar could have killed his wife. Even in the absence of a body, even in the absence of a confession. Especially since, in my opinion, guilt based on the sole confession of an accused is of little interest.

“Cédric Jubillar has the opportunity to write to his children from prison. The least we can say is that he uses it quite moderately …”

Me Laurent BoguetLawyer for Louis and Elyah, the children of the Jubillar couple

The search has resumed on the ground, in Cagnac-les-Mines, to try to find the body of Delphine Jubillar. Your feelings about this?

Master Laurent Boguet: As a lawyer responsible for the couple’s children, I encourage these steps. They will provide answers to the judicial institution. If a body is found, it must continue with the investigation. On top of all that, it could make it possible to restore their mother to these children, regardless of the condition, and to perform a mourning work that you can imagine is impossible at the moment.

“These children are missing both parents”

Do the children no longer have contact with their father?

Master Laurent Boguet: I said it, I repeat it. There is in principle no obstacle to Cédric Jubillar from the place where he is detained having occasional literary exchanges with his children. The least we can say, and I’m not trying to overwhelm him by telling you, is that he uses it quite moderately (according to our information, he sent them only three letters in a year, editor’s note).

How are Louis and Elyah? Do they ask to see it?

Master Laurent Boguet: At the heart of this Racine tragedy, children are being cared for at the psychological and psychiatric level. It is the medical profession that comes up with recommendations – not to say limitations – in relation to a situation that is extremely painful. I do not claim any kind of expertise in the matter. Formally, they do not ask to meet their father, I am thinking especially of Louis. Elyah is still old enough to put it in a much more basic way.
Besides the feeling of lack and the desire to meet him, they are curious to know how he develops, how he lives, what he eats. So many children’s worries that reflect a deficiency. It is clear that these children today lack both parents …

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