Olympia launches membership cards in the form of NFTs

Supported by the French marketplace Tailor, Olympia is preparing to market 250 membership cards in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This collection is called “The O’Gs” and it will be available for pre-sale from July 4th before being offered to everyone on July 6th. Focus on this first entrance of the mythical Paris Concert Hall to Web3.

A French-French collaboration between L’Olympia and Tailor

Impenetrable to criticism, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are attracting more and more companies seeks to embrace the Web3 revolution. This time it is Olympia, which has just announced its very first collectionconsisting of 250 membership cards in the form of pixel art avatars.

To put together this collection of NFTs, the Parisian concert hall has merged with the Tailor marketplacewith responsibility for developing the technological part of the project.

This French startup incubated at Station F has specialized in ticket sales and collectibles in the form of NFTs for live events. This collaboration with L’Olympia is his first project announced.

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NFTs offering lifetime privileges

For this initiative, Tailor and L’Olympia are selling 250 profile pictures NFTsWHO will act as a membership card to their holders. They will offer them lifetime privileges, both in the concert hall and in NFT’s marketplace. You can find them on the official project page.

Note that if all of these avatars that act as membership cards are unique, they are grouped into several groups greater or lesser benefits depending on their rarity. Here they are, ranked from most to least rare:

  • O’Jacks (4 units available);
  • O’Beats (15 units available);
  • O’Tunes (80 units available);
  • O’Tracks (150 units available).

If you pay attention, you have probably noticed that one NFT was missing to reach the total of 250 membership cards. This is’Absolute Ear, head of “O’Gs”. This unique avatar gives privileges to make all music fans jealous : a lifetime VIP pass for two people to attend twelve events of their choice per year, as well as drinks offered at the bar each evening, not to mention the dinner offered for two people at the restaurant “Le Petit Olympia”. This extraordinary card will be put up for auctionand part of the profits is donated to the association chosen by the buyer.

All these pixel art characters come from Antoine Duten’s imagination, an artist from the prestigious Gobelins School, who calls himself Baron de Pîquesel on Instagram. His inspirations come from the board game Jet Set Radio, as well as characters from the Gorillaz group or even retro 8/16 bit video games from the 1990s.

Membership cards are offered per pre-sale (white list) from 4 July, for all those who have met the criteria described on the project page. The rest of the collection will be marketed during one public sale on July 6th.

Initially, buyers will not know the group to which their “O’G” belongs. They will all be unveiled on July 12 at noon Paris time.. Only then will proprietors discover their avatar and the privileges that come with it.

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More immersive experiences, richer interactions

For L’Olympia, riding on the wave of NFTs has several benefits. She trusts this experience to engage new audiences, younger and more sensitive to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It also allows him to show that as he approaches his 130th birthday, this legendary concert hall remains at the forefront of innovation.

Laurent de Cerner, President of L’Olympia, spoke about the motivations surrounding this project:

“The O’Gs project is part of L’Olympia’s constant desire to use the latest innovations to offer its audience increasingly innovative and immersive experiences. […] while preserving its identity, its taste for all cultures and its roots in society. »

This initiative proves once again many uses of NFTs in the world of music. Earlier this year, the Coachella Festival conducted a similar operation in which they sold lifetime tickets in the form of NFTs.

It must be said that this technology is perfectly suited for this: the ownership of these tickets and other membership cards can be easily verified on blockchain, which limits fraud and facilitates exchanges. We should therefore logically see more and more artists, concert halls and events surfing on this technology to offer new experiences to music fans.

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Source: Olympia

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