After years of celibacy, Arthur Jugnot secretly marries Flavie Péan

A breakup is not synonymous with war or enmity. It is actually possible to divorce without hating each other, especially when one or more children are involved. This is the story of Cécilia Clara and Arthur Jugnot, who kept good relations after their breakup.

After ten years of relationship, Cécilia Clara and Arthur Jugnot have decided to separate and each follow their own path. They have always been very modest about their relationship, which justifies that the exact origin of their breakup remains unknown to the public. From their love, their only son, Célestin, now turned 8 years old.

Arthur has rebuilt his life with actress Flavie Pean. They got married in secret on June 25, 2022. Many high profile guests attended their wedding celebration. They allowed internet users to discover some pictures of this day of joy, furnished by a wind orchestra, trees decorated with garlands and many other different activities.

Back to his previous relationship with Cécilia Clara. You will also discover some details about her wedding ceremony.

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It is not uncommon for Cécilia Clara to confide in the media. In May 2021, she gave an interview to Non Stop People magazine, in which she confided in her previous relationship with Arthur Jugnot.

For indication, their love story began in 2006. After several years as a couple, they settled down in 2013, and the same year they celebrated the birth of their son, Célestin. In 2015, to everyone’s surprise, they announced their decision to split up. Despite several attempts, the media could not discover the origin of their breach.

Some rumors have suggested that Celestin’s parents made a joint decision to separate and go their separate ways. Évelyne Thomas asked her guest if fame would not be the reason for this separation. The respondent replied as follows:

¨No, because that’s our job. Because privacy is privacy (…) There is no difference¨.

Arthur Jugnot and Cecilia Clara. Ilde Source: Getty Images

After their breakup, the two former dwarf parrots maintained a good relationship with their son’s well-being:

IWe get really good out of it and we have rebuilt our lives (…) We lived a very big love story and we were both smart enough to make sure it ended well¨,

declared the singer to Here Paris.

Arthur Jugnot adores his son, and he especially does not want him to live the same nightmare as him. In fact, Arthur is the son of the famous Gérard Jugnot. When the latter divorced his buddy, costume designer Cécile Magnan, Arthur suffered greatly. The situation was so painful that he came into conflict with his father. In April 2017, Gérard Jugnot confided his relationship with his son and said:

ArthWhen Arthur was little, it was complicated, even contradictory (…) Probably because I left his mother¨.

Fortunately, time has had its effect, and the two men have cleaned up their relationship as revealed by the actor:

¨Today we have a very strong bond that I have never had with my own father¨.

Actor Arthur Jugnot. Ilde Source: Getty Images

We better understand why Arthur Jugnot wanted to preserve his son. He can be proud of his decision, especially since he has a close relationship with Célestin. In January 2022, the actor admitted that he would not oppose the idea of ​​his son following in his footsteps. Celestin’s happiness comes first, however, and his father wants him to grow up and “have fun as a child”.

He wants to pass on his values ​​to his son, through simple movements, but also through his work:

¨In the works we write that we create, we tell things to the people we love. (…) I hope that he (Célestin) through my work will grow up as happy as possible “,

he concluded.


Arthur Jugnot has rebuilt his life and found happiness in the arms of Flavie Péan. They have chosen to protect their privacy and that is why the date and place of their meeting is unknown to the public. However, they seem very happy. Their fans can also see their photos posted on social networks.

Arthur Jugnot and Flavie Péan decided to concretize their love and say ¨YES¨. The wedding ceremony was held on June 25, 2022 at the town hall of Pont-de-Barret, located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

The civil wedding took place around 4pm and the happy couple were attended by prestigious guests including director Clément Michel, actors Charlie Dupont, Tania Garbarski and Ambroise Michel.

The ceremony at City Hall took place with great discretion. However, the guests gave some details about what happened:

“The two bridal couples got off the tables in an inflatable boat pulled by a jeep”,




The media has posted some pictures of this marriage. Guests also shared some moments of this ceremony by posting photos and videos on social networks. For example, Ambroise Michel posted on her Instagram account a snapshot of the bride and groom with the comment ¨Long live the bride and groom! ¨.

The newlyweds could also count on the presence of their respective families. Gérard Jugnot was present, wearing a suit and sunglasses. Celestin, son of Arthur Jugnot, was also part of the party.

The many smiles that the lovers exchanged during the ceremony reveal signs of their participation. Love is there and we can only be happy for the newlyweds.

Congratulations to the newlyweds and what happiness!

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