[DOSSIER] Health: how to talk about sex education with your children … or your parents

Talking to children and teens about education and sexual health is crucial for these future adults. How to approach it when you are a parent or teenager. Answers with specialists.

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This is a topic where parents are sometimes uncomfortable with their child or teenager, and vice versa. Educating young people about sexuality and sexual health, as well as strengthening parents’ competences in sex education, are nevertheless part of the main lines of the national sexual health strategy. With the aim of supporting young people in their development, their autonomy, their sexual health and their interpersonal relationships. Specifically, how do you approach it when you are a parent? How to approach it when you are young, that dialogue is not easy in your family.

To answer this question, we attended a parent café and a sex education session at a college.

Together with specialists, we asked ourselves the question of early childhood and the messages to be conveyed at this age, in relation to themselves, but also about the prevention of boundaries and potential risk behaviors. From an early age, the concept of consent or non-consent is actually constructed.


How do you define sexuality for older people? We asked the question to a sex therapist. She offered us a broad and essential definition in the messages that we were to pass on to the young people. She also returned to health prevention and the impact of pornography and self-esteem, particularly through exposure to social networks.

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Finally, we were interested in the issue of gender and transidentity (social representation). These notions must be separated from sexuality (intimacy). But it is nonetheless essential for fulfillment in one’s privacy to be welcomed in one’s expression or variation of gender.

Finally, to complete our file, we have provided you with a set of resources where you can find reliable information.

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[DOSSIER] Health: how to talk about sex education with your children … or your parents

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