excrement was sent to him by mail

Sonia Rolland was subjected to particularly violent racism after being elected Miss France. (Photo by VALERY HACHE / AFP via Getty Images)

Become an actress after being chosen for Miss France, Sonia Rolland is on the poster of the new series “Criminal Tropics”, this Friday, July 1, 2022 on France 2. 22 years after her election, the former beauty queen has built her solid career, despite the racist criticism she often received.

Elected to Miss Burgundy 1999 and then Miss France 2000 during the grand election on December 11, 1999, Sonia Rolland was only 18 when she won the title of beauty queen. But her young age is not the only way she made an impression, as at that time she was also the first Miss France of African descent. Origins that, associated with his skin color, have given him many insults and racist harassment that are particularly hard to take.

Video. Sonia Rolland: “I suffered from racism at several stages of my life”

“Violent” racism of his choice

A committed woman, Sonia Rolland has never hesitated to condemn the criticism she was subjected to and to defend other female victims of similar attacks. In 2013, shortly after the election of Flora Coquerel, Miss France 2014, the former beauty queen stepped up to defend her colleague. In a column published on the Nouvel Obs website, she then confided in what she had suffered years ago: “I received about 2,700 letters of insults. I had picked up feces on the street on my doormat, spat on my door. They also tore pieces of the canvas. on my car after writing “nigger” on it in capital letters … I was 18, it was very violent. ” At the time, however, she refused to talk about it: “I did not want to put emphasis on a handful of ignorant racists.”

Things went even further, as stated by Hubert Guérin, Geneviève de Fontenay’s collaborator, in the documentary The Hidden Face of the Misses, aired on RMC Story: “Sonia Rolland, she received nearly 2,500 letters from” insults at Geneviève de Fontenay. Did you realize, 2,500 people took the time to write and pay a stamp. There are even people who added excrement with the post. Sonia Rolland received shit from Geneviève de Fontenay. “

However, she is aware of having been lucky and confirms it: “I could have switched to the other side. You have to put yourself in the place of these children who grow up daily with crime, as people are asked to choose a culture and who end up feeling at home nowhere.Crisis, unemployment and in addition one gets blamed for being the cause, it’s hard not to fall into the opposite hatred. And to clarify: “The only thing I really regret is, that we take lightly the fact that a person is offended by his diversity, whether it is a woman, a disabled person or a black person. “

A life marked by racist attacks

In 2019, to Elsa Wolinski in “Décomplexé.es”, for Yahoo, Sonia Rolland said it loud and clear: “I suffered from racism at several stages of my life. As a teenager I could answer. Often with my fists because I was a fighter. But afterwards it was with words. I could be really hard to react to racism. By my choice I received thousands of insulting letters, threats on life. But at that time we were in a context where Le Pen and Mégret pulled the plug, but we laughed at it.

A situation that changed completely in 2001: “As soon as there were the attacks on September 11, there was a stigmatization of Muslims in France and there was a kind of distrust of the other, things got worse. We were afraid that say things, to exchange, to dialogue in a peaceful way. Racism has become more sneaky, more insidious. ” “Today we are not even more afraid to say that we are selling Le Pen,” apologizes Sonia Rolland, apologizing at the time when people were ashamed to vote for the far right. “Today we do not laugh anymore,” she concluded. .And the events of recent years have only confirmed this vision.

A desire for loving discretion

If Sonia Rolland is necessarily very vulnerable because of her career, she has chosen to be more discreet in her privacy. After experiencing high-profile relationships with Christophe Rocancourt and Jalil Lespert, she is now in a relationship with a man who wishes to remain anonymous. “Because I had escaped a lot of drama in my life, I worked above all on resilience, mine and my peers. It was not necessarily a good idea in my relationship,” she confided in the Gala in 2021, before clarifying that she was in a relationship with “a gentle, sensitive and very funny man who does not work in the same professional environment at all. He supports me in my liberation as a woman and mother. He is the type who breaks the abscess as soon as there is a problem I have nothing to control in his life, and on the contrary, he facilitates mine. I am very happy. I really believe in the saying: “Let us live happily, live hidden”.


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