Family activities for parents, children and teenagers: our selection of escape games

For a number of years, Escape games have been on the rise in France. This thoughtful and entertaining activity has flourished across the country with diverse and varied themes, ranging from horror to police investigation. You might think the Escape game is a concept mostly reserved for adults, but that’s not true! In fact, there are Escape games that are specifically designed for families and especially children. This kind of activity is ideal for a birthday with friends and girlfriends. Small tour in France of Escape games to discover with your kids.

What is an escape game?

The Escape game is a life-size puzzle game that comes from the United States. Usually several people are locked inside a room. The goal is to get out of this space by solving dvarious puzzles and dive into the environment. Players have a limited time to escape. They can be helped by on-site leaders, often through a screen that provides clues. Escape games are available in a wide variety of themes.

From what age should one make an Escape game?

The age limit is definitely not set in the world of Escape game. If some want to be designed for slightly older children, including teenagers, there are specific themes for the little ones. This type of activity, which requires good thinking skills, is rare to find Escape games for children under six. Most providers also require an adult to be present with the children. Before you sign up with your kids, ask the minimum age! venue manager.

There are scenarios of all types, with adventures for kids of all ages.

Oggy, Prisoner of Time – Majestic Games – Paris

This Escape game is adapted from the famous cartoon “Oggy and the Cockroaches”. To get rid of the mischievous little beasts, Oggy acquires a new machine: Exterminator 3000. Unfortunately, Oggy uses the machine and is scattered in several places and in several eras. We’ll have to find the pieces of Oggy! The Escape game is very dynamic and full of special effects that will delight both young and old.

Age: from 7 years. An adult must be present

Address: 2, rue Française, 75001 Paris

Price: between 26 and 32 euros

The Pirate of the West Indies 1727 – Kairos Escape – Paris

The world of pirates is a world that always makes children dream! In this Escape game we are aboard the pirate ship Amaro Cargo. In search of a treasure, you will evolve in the cargo hold of the boat, where many puzzles await you.

Address: 42, rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris

Number of players: 4 to 8 players

Price: between 25 and 28 euros

The Dragon Killer – Cryptic – Montpellier

Your mission? A terrible dragon is coming to attack your village. To defend yourself, you must find the famous dragon slayer sword! You have one hour before the monster arrives. You will have to be ingenious and attentive!

Address: 10, rue du Bras de Fer, Montpellier

Number of players: 2 to 6 players

Price: from 20 to 35 euros per. player

So cat! Escape Kid – Paris

Escape Kids offers two Escape playrooms dedicated exclusively to children! Among the two rooms offered, one of them takes you to meet mother Michel to help her find her cat! On the program, puzzles and excavations for children!

Minimum age: from 6 years. Presence of an adult required.

Number of players: from 3 to 6 players

Price: 5 bis, rue Emile Go, 75017 Paris

The Strange Classroom of the Strange Mr. Strange – Toulouse

Your teacher, Mr. Strange, it is aptly called. He locks himself inside the classroom for hours. It’s about wanting to spy on him that you’ll be locked inside the classroom! You will have to pass a large number of puzzles to be able to escape.

Minimum age: From 6 years

Address: 26, chemin de la Violette, L’Union

Number of players: from 3 to 8 players

Price: from 14 to 24 euros per player

Burglary at the museum! – Grenoble

This time you’re in the shoes of a burglar. You will have to steal the painting The Virgin and Child, a famous painting by the painter Corrège. Of course, you need to outsmart museum security.

Address: 2, course Jean Jaurès, Grenoble

Number of players: from 2 to 5

Price: from 20 to 35 euros per. player

Perse 382 – Secret Passages of the Sultan’s Palace – Bordeaux

Concerned about his safety, Sultan Shamyar challenges you to steal one of the most sacred treasures of his dynasty: an invaluable dagger. In his palace you will have to solve the various puzzles to prove your worth.

Minimum age: from 6 years

Address: Rue Albert Einstein, Mérignac

Number of players: from 2 to 12

Price: from 16 to 30 euros per. player

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