MIREL BRAN – A book, a robot and a collection of NFTs

“Technosophy, the wisdom of technology” is the title of the first Romanian-language book launched on June 20 in the form of an NFT (Non Fungible Token) at the French Institute in Bucharest. This new blockchain technology is a game-changer for the creative industries, where the line between digital and reality is becoming more and more blurred. Exclusive interview with Mirel Bran, correspondent for the newspaper Le Monde in Bucharest and author of this book illustrated by a robot!

We no longer need to make revolutions, new technologies give us tools that will allow us to build another world.

I suggest you start with a frontal question: what is an NFT?

Mirel Bran: NFT is the abbreviation for Non Fungible Token, a term meaning “non-fungible token”. A non-fungible object is a single, non-replaceable object. For example, the portrait of the Mona Lisa is painted by Leonardo da Vinci and exhibited in the Louvre “non-fungible”, which means it is unique. Experts estimate its value at one billion euros. You can make thousands of pictures of this painting, but I do not think you can sell a photo of this painting for a billion dollars. Pictures are only worth a few dollars because they are fungible, which means they can be reproduced indefinitely at a low price.

What makes the value of the original painting is that it is unique. This uniqueness, which guarantees its value, is today ensured by blockchain technology. I can make a digital whiteboard that I save as a unique copy on a blockchain network. This is an NFT. The uniqueness of this work is guaranteed by a mathematical algorithm. I no longer need the Louvre Museum. I can sell my digital work on the internet and whoever buys it can sell it for more if another buyer is willing to pay the price. Thus, over the course of a year, NFT’s collections have created a market worth several billion euros. And that’s just the beginning.

Tehnosofia, înțelepciunea tehnologiei is the first Romanian-language book published as an NFT. How did you proceed?

Using a robot invented by Irina Raicu, a young Romanian artist. My book has 52 chapters. We introduced each chapter in the code of artificial intelligence that Irina had put together. This robot generated an image or an NFT for each of these chapters. This is how we have created a collection of 52 NFTs, which you can access at the following address: https://xoxno.com/buy/noiVenimdinViitor/Technosophy

The book in digital format is available free of charge in Romanian and English and can be downloaded from this link: http://noivenimdinviitor.ro Click on “Library” and you will have access to both versions of the book.

the cover of the book “Tehnosofia, intelepciunea tehnologiei”

So the book is free, but you pay for the NFT image collection?

That is it. I assume that access to information should be free. Those who want to support our projects can do so by purchasing the NFT images. And I can tell you that the tables generated by Irina’s robot are very beautiful. I can not believe how skilled a robot has been at turning text into images.

How can these NFTs be purchased?

There are 52 of them and they are unique copies. We chose to put them on the Elrond blockchain, which was invented in 2018 by two young Romanians, Beniamin and Lucian Mincu, who live in Sibiu. Today, their project is estimated at around one billion euros. We chose a Romanian blockchain because we want to prioritize Romanian intelligence. Those wishing to purchase our NFTs need to download the digital Maiar wallet created by Elrond to their mobile phone to perform their transactions on their network. But the book is free, and I invite your readers to read it.

Technology is not a collection of electronic gadgets, but our way of projecting our inner world outwards.

What is the approach to this book?

I present technology as an encounter between science and spirituality. It is a very provocative book. Technology is not a collection of electronic gadgets, but our way of projecting our inner world outwards. This book is part of a trilogy; the following will deal with our belief system and language. This editorial project is approved as the radio program I produce for Radio France Internationale Romania (RFI), entitled “We come from the future”.

Our goal is to create the “We come from the future” digital community, which is why we are creating a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). A DAO is a decentralized managed start-up that will host projects similar to our vision of the world. We are not here to sell a book, we want to change the world. We no longer need to make revolutions, new technologies give us tools that will allow us to build another world. We will soon be filling out metavers and creating digital galaxies with their own business models. And we will succeed. We know this because we come from the future.

NFT Technosofia
An NFT made by the robot

In “We come from the future”, who is “we”?

Myself and the team of young people who made this project possible. Seven young people followed me to produce the book in Romanian and English and the NFT collection. This project acts as a start-up, everyone wants their percentage of sales. For every NFT sold, they will automatically receive their payments in their digital wallets. It is a feature defined in the “intelligent contract” that controls the project automatically.

How far can we go with this type of project?

Until infinity, because we are building a digital universe that will have no boundaries, like the physical universe. All young people who want to change the world through their digital projects are welcome in our DAO. Everyone will be offered a digital planet, and thanks to NFTs, they will be able to use the digital universe to create a better world here on earth. I myself come from the future and I can tell you that they are the ones who will save our world.

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