Cicadas, Jungle, Punks and Stella Donnelly: a look back at Pointu Festival 2022

The Pointu Festival was canceled in 2020 and 2021 and invited Jungle, The Hives, Shame or The Avalanches to its magnificent location on the island of Gaou. We fell in love with many things, including the live performance of Stella Donnelly, the only girl at the festival, and the best live performance of those three days, which was necessarily very sharp!

Six-Four-les-Plages. Its very family friendly coastline. Its stores selling plastic buoys, balloons and flip flops for holidaymakers that are not too late. Its chapel has been present here since the 5th century. Its boats that provide several times an hour the connection with the very beautiful islands of Embiez. And during these first three days of July, on the stunning island of Gaou, his ” indie music festival, broadly defined (as summed up by Vincent Lechat, director and programmer of the festival), which saw its sixth edition in 2022. Habits, here and for a weekend, are being shaken up and the audience is renewed.

Sharp Festival 2022 © Gaelle Beri

So much the better for music lovers in this city with about 33,000 inhabitants (Toulon urban area), who for 18 years have followed the adventures of Gaou voteswho died in 2015, and who in that connection had to give way to one Sharp who knew how to assume from year to year an increasingly secure tropism for a plural, trendy, demanding … sharp rock? Mogwai, Thee Oh Sees, Ride, Slowdive, Metz, Suuns or even Godspeedyou! Black Emperor went through an event that obviously did not take place due to a global pandemic, neither in 2020 nor in 2021 (last year Biolay or Catherine Ringer came to Six-Four for seated concerts, but not under the label Sharp).

Brian’s Magic Tears at Pointu Festival 2022 © Gaelle Beri

First the cicadas

On the spot, on an island in Gaou, where they do not usually suffer from human presence, they are cicadas try to compete with the screams of the guitars even though everyone knows the fight is in vain (for the guitars). Their songs announcing the summer heat accompany the Friday programming, where it’s a necessarily very rocket line-up that opens. First the guysUnschoolingsome of which cut their teeth in the group MNNQNS, which plays postpunk music full of feedback that does not hurt (we at least protect our ears), sometimes dirty, sometimes pop, always aware of what it is called suggests and fantasies related to it (the nuts out of school, at the time of Parcoursupdo not end up with dealers, but sometimes musicians).

Saw the guys from Beak>with Geoff Barrow at the top of the list (co-founder and drummer of Portishead, from Bristol) and music that wanders between highly experimental rock, highly referenced kraut, highly intellectual prog-rock and outbursts that are even outright techno.

Beak> at Pointu Festival 2022 © Gaelle Beri

We think of Suuns, Zombie Zombie, John Carpenter soundtracks, and we recommend the albums >> and >>> by specifying that there are neither typos nor false notes in the hugely successful live of the first big live moment in this Sharp Festival vintage 2022.

Jungle, machine dance

But tonight’s actual headliner – and paradoxically even the festival – does not sound rock, but funk, disco, boogie, virtuoso pop. That’s the sound of it Jungle, which we could have seen 150 times at festivals (this may be your case), but which we never get tired of, and whose energy, professionalism, brilliance and overall show will always be welcome (because that’s what it’s about) calibrated to the nearest millimeter (we hardly exaggerate), which is theirs. And yet the group moves in the sixties and with an easy installation as demanding as a set that implements these hits, as you know, because they obviously listened to Radio Nova (“Good Times”, “Casio” or the huge “Keep Moving”). “). overwhelming strength in battle, makes all ages, all sizes, all moods dance. All what.

Jungle at Pointu Festival 2022 © Gaelle Beri
Jungle at Pointu Festival 2022 © Gaelle Beri

It is, to sum it up, an absolute one hour kiffe and a glutton of dopamine that will work for a long time on those who have been confronted with it. ” 48 hours have passed, I still get chills “, This festival-goer will tell us in passing, who in everyday life sells beach equipment and bicycles of all kinds at Porc du Brusc in Six-Four-les-Plages. ” Since then, I have been listening to the album all day in the store “, he adds, with stars in his eyes and the song” All of the time “in his head.

He participated in the larva that was able to trigger, early Friday night, the life of The avalanches ? Unfortunately, he had gone before, and he was not the only one: Two DJs making noise and making good weather in a live that looks like a DJ set a little too deconstructed to be convincing, others had gone long before him. On the other hand, if you have not already done so: listen to the album We will always love youpublished two years ago.

Happy people at Pointu Festival © Gaelle Beri

The Hives are the best rock band in the world »

Saturday there is a rock party. To open, The Splitter – a group from Toulon who put on a show, play punk, spat their rage for life (and mollards on their colleagues, sweet guys), got the many friends and girlfriends who came to see them stick around in the crowd. Then a group that goes the same way as the 90s anti-heroes / anti-smile noisy pop and shoegaze (Slowide + The Jesus & Mary Chain x Ride + My Bloody Valentine = Bryan’s magic tears) and presents a third album full of spleen and effects (Vaacum sealed). To follow, Londoners who came in large numbers – there are eight on stage and have a girl’s first name, carolina – struggling to transcribe the splendor of their self-titled debut album on stage before catching up on the latest track, “Dark Blue”, a marvel that makes the senses soar and nod. In the studio it bursts but live, this Saturday it spins a bit.

Chill out area © Gaelle Beri

Eventually two crazy men. Well inspired, and rather than limiting them by force with a straitjacket that would disrupt everything, some had the good idea of ​​entrusting them with a microphone, a tape, the possibilities of expressing on record and on stage the great bazaar that inhabits them without a doubt inside.

One is quite young, expressing the anxiety, the problems, the generational worries and the mutations in the young years within the explosive New York project GEESE – the scrapbook projector released in 2021 – where he defends a neurotic, explosive, very indie, post-punk rock at times that makes you dance and maybe even, on a few peaks, makes you (nicely) bang your head against the wall if that there were walls. Fortunately, on the island of Gaou there is only a pine forest, a lot of dust, the Mediterranean, bordering on souls and children, even younger than the leader and frontman Cameron Winter, who headbanging to remind older people that rock has no age.

The other is more experienced, has toured around the world for 20 years with a group that has meanwhile become “ best Swedish rock band in the world (it’s him who says it, but everyone seems to agree). Hives draws a flattering reputation as a stage-breaking group, and nothing here is robbed: Howlin ‘Pelle Almqvist, singer and leader of the group, gives everything he has and even the rest, speaks almost correct French, makes people scream to the public that he warms up as soon as the opportunity arises (i.e .: all the time), interprets with crazy energy this punk music (of the stadium, for sure), which makes everyone sweat and also them in suits (the musicians, true to their habits, always wear them).

Hives at Pointu Festival © Gaelle Beri

“Hate To Say I Told You So” was a great song before it was a commercial Citroen you have in mind. Everyone suddenly looks 20 years younger, the most motivated end up in the chill-out room at night, where the guys from Casual Gabberz, unexpectedly because they pass through the area, take the turntables (this kind of chill-room …)

Slams, pogos, beer, punk: Shame

Disappointment for Sunday due to Cigarette after sex has canceled. It is the fault of the air transport strike, the accident and rather than raising its fists in the company of the unions and the strikers, the festival goers in Sharp lift the fists, this Sunday night, for the madmen of Shame, closing in instead of the Californians bumping for love. On the way home, some cigarettes after sex put loudly in the car because it is a shame anyway.

Shame on Pointu Festival 2022 © Gaelle Beri

So shame. A brixton gang led by children, where no one is much over 20, and where everyone has a rage, a rage, a tenfold energy to spare. Post-punk that hits, and very strong. Pogo among the audience, slaps in all directions (for the audience and for the singer, Charlie Steen), a bassist who had to lose 10 kilos last night by running across the stage and an audience that, because he has to live well, sometimes throws beer in public just for fun (the teenagers who until then danced hectically in front of us walk unhappily away because they got wet). Punk for purists, for post-teens, for lovers of saturated guitars and roaring fights at the microphone, and many among the 12,000 festival goers present at the venue during the three days (for a paid pass this year, it’s quite a lot encouraging!), to agree that this was one of the great moments of this 2022 edition.

“I love you Stella”

It’s Shame that closes, but the last very big impression of this Sharp Festival The 2022 edition is left by the Australian Stella Donnellyunveiled in 2019 with the album Take care of the dogs. Alone with his guitar or surrounded by a live band (“ Hi George! “), gives the singer a wealth of smiles (it never hurts!), plays an instrument that no one plays anymore (accordion like Dylan), presents musicians as sweet as her, and who all adopt at once. Jacques speaks French, and the crowd sings his name.When she launches a choreography that she has certainly invented herself, the public dances it too.It’s nice as something, this story.

Stella Donnelly, these are indie people who sound right, who sound funny, get tubesk on the tracks “Beware of the Dogs” or “Lungs”, who do not take themselves seriously, admit an assumed passion for vibrators (ok), says about the Christmas Eve, where we get a little bored, and which finally sheds light on a mystery: it’s enough for this sun, the one brought by Stella, who says “I love you” to all his musicians on his cover of “Love is in the air “, as the cicadas sang so loudly on the island of Gaou during these three festivities.

Stella Donnelly at Pointu Festival 2022 © Gaelle Beri

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