Disgaea 6 Complete: A PS5 Version Up To Par (PC, PS4, PS5, Switch)

If Disgaea 6 had a PS4 and Switch version since its release in Japan, then in Europe we were only entitled to the Nintendo Switch version. Today, a year later, the Tactical-RPG Disgaea 6 returns to us in a complete edition (including DLCs) on PS4 and PC, as well as for the very first time on a PS5 machine. The perfect opportunity for us to talk to you again about the game in the PS5 version, fully highlighting the content (DLCs) and the graphical/technical differences from the Switch version.

As you know, this is not the first time that NIS America offers us a so-called “Complete” version for its flagship and very popular series, this was especially the case for Disgaea 5 and Disgaea 4, of which you can read our reviews , or even Disgaea 1. So it made sense to see a full edition for this episode with some new features. After initially offering you a test of Disgaea 6 on Nintendo Switch, we are not going to discuss all the mechanics, but refresh your memory with a few snippets below, and then talk about the contributions of this “complete” version.

– Disgaea 6 (Switch) Information –

A dark atmosphere, but still as funny as the series
In one of the most miserable layers of the Underhive lives Zed, our main character, who has become very pretentious, like his sister Beeko, also a zombie, but unlike Zed she is nice and innocent. In addition, it is the only person who calms this young zombie, while representing his oasis of peace. Only today there is a threat over their everyday life (or death if you will) but also in many Underworlds: the appearance of the Divine Death-Tractor, a being in search of and only thirsts for destruction. Zed then tries to kill the Death-tructor. But can he destroy a monster of immeasurable power? Well, maybe, because since his encounter with the dog zombie Cerberus, he has a significant asset up his sleeve: the power of Ultra-Reincarnation, a power that allows him to amplify his obsolete strength during his travels and his many deaths. And that’s not all, this power can also be used to return to “life” an incalculable number of times, Zed has indeed already died many times (several thousand times in fact) against the Divine Death-Tructor, but this ability also allows him to travel to other underworlds. Even today, the duo’s quest and hunt for the Divine Death-Tructor continues…[…]Still as effective gameplay and new features via comfort options
A pleasure that we also share in the multitude of options and functions that the software offers, just like its predecessors before it. We therefore find this gameplay typical of TRPGs (Tactical-RPGs), ie generally small maps with a grid in the middle, the array of different units to deploy (archers, soldiers, etc.), the moving squares, classic attacks, not to mention each character’s unique abilities. In addition to operable placement on the flanks and in the back to deal more damage to the opponents, the Disgaea franchise had taken a lift/throw approach to send its allies into distant squares, for example, as well as combined strikes between allies, especially since these were equidistant and close in range to maximize damage. Of course, the series had also implemented a system of Geo-Blocks, consisting of boxes of specific colors and “blocks” of the same color, with the aim of playing the strategy by eliminating certain blocks to do damage, or even get bonuses by changing or removing their color like a puzzle game.For this latest installment, several new features and comfort options have been integrated, starting with the addition of new classes of demons that are considered giant units. The latter take up five times more space (that is, five squares), they are practical for preventing opponents from advancing, and their attack area is wider than usual, allowing for more strategic planning.[…]Speaking of counter-attacks and strikes, Disgaea 6 – Defiance of Destiny doesn’t shy away from its colossal damage reaching the quadrillion through perseverance and reinforcement, also tied to Ultra-Reincarnation. Moreover, if the massive damage can make you lose all your head with the multitude of numbers, also the Level threshold, the maximum level today is set at 99,999,999.[…] But rest assured, the level rise is much faster than in the past, and the developers have also implemented a double-edged feature for this kind of experience: automatic combat and speed acceleration by four in a first time. Combining the two functions together, our troop performs direct attacks and special abilities to quickly defeat opponents. And it’s even possible to replay battles with a single button press.[…] In addition, the automatic mode on this topic even has a second feature related to the presence of Malicious Intelligence linked to Demonicodes. For those who are particularly familiar with Final Fantasy XII’s Gambits system, it is quite similar in that it is enough to associate the behavior of its allies and attacks / abilities according to three criteria. It is therefore quite possible to choose which type of opponent you want to beat in priority and the type of attack. If the newbies in the case are again going to be a big help, some players may feel overly spectators at this kind of welcome initiative.Lots of upgrades and Ultra Reincarnation
The additions don’t stop at the clashes, but continue into the main world of Underworld, the game’s equivalent of a HUB known to fans of the franchise. As usual, there are a host of improvements and preparations available, enough to allow your team to adapt calmly and serenely through recognized and appreciated features. We think in particular of the world of objects where we will face different confrontations to make them stronger, the purchase of equipment and weapons, the cheat counter to manage the XP gains among other things[…] or creating characters at the General Assembly. A meeting where we can always enact future laws by bribing “senators” or threatening them with violence, which happens quite quickly thanks to our superhuman power of Ultra reincarnation. Closely tied to the main screenplay plot, this new feature somehow takes advantage of some Roguelike and even Die & Retry advantages. If we find an evolution of classic characters, Ultra Reincarnation goes beyond the “limits”. Simply put, when we use this option, our character is demoted to level 1, but can spend the Karma points we get back in return to increase the general stats (strength, etc.) and access permanent bonuses . Read more about the test.

What is this PS5 version worth (content, graphics/technical)?

When it was released at the end of June 2021, Disgaea 6 made a big change from the previous parts of the license, namely the integration of 3D characters, a contribution that is still debated today. Apart from that, the experience remained very good and in the pure spirit of Disgaea, even though this Switch version had graphical and technical issues.

Disgaea 6 is coming to PS5 and logically keeps its original content, including Laharlette, Asagi, Adel and Rozalin, already available on the Switch version. But we also note the integration of free and paid DLCs released during the marketing year. In addition to color variants, money, manas, tickets and equipment, we mainly keep the DLCs of characters that bring both scripted missions, but also popular heroes / protagonists from previous installments such as Killia (Disgaea 5), ​​​​​Valvatorez (Disgaea 4), Pleinair, Mao, Raspberyl, Usalia (Disgaea 5) or even Desco (Disgaea 4).

Free on Switch, the Hololive DLC is available again in this complete version featuring its five protagonists: Polka Omaru, Rushia Uruha, Fubuki Shirakami, Flare Shiranui, and Watame Tsunomaki. With all these extra warriors you have a really good troop for your confrontations!

Now let’s move on to the graphics/technical part of the software on PS5. Unlike the Switch version that offered us three different modes and experiences, namely “Performance”, “Playability” and “Balanced”, only two modes are present here: playability and achievements.

First good news, the ugly and blurry effects on Switch are just a distant memory, indeed this PS5 version offers us a much cleaner and more pleasing to the eye, regardless of the mode chosen. But that’s not all, the second good news concerns the frame rate which turns out to be very stable, we will only notice some shadow effects with different qualities.

This PS5 version thus eliminates the major inconveniences experienced on the Nintendo Switch, but logically does not benefit from portability. Note that the English and Japanese dubbing are available again, and the subtitles are in French.

In addition to these valid in-game elements, collectors of physical versions will appreciate the few bonuses in this edition. In addition to the game’s Blu-Ray, there is the OST “Defiance of Dissonance” (selection of tracks) on CD, a reversible jacket and a mini-manga. The last one, illustrated in full color, is called “Tales of Super Reincarnation”, and has been translated into our beautiful language. A plus that you can read without risk before starting a game, and that is different from the traditional artbook of the publisher.

Tested on PS5

One year after its availability on Switch, Disgaea 6 is therefore coming to PS4, PC and PS5 (our test console). On the menu a complete edition with emblematic characters from the series and a well-stocked basic content. If the adventure cannot logically be lived in nomadic mode on this medium, it has better visual and technical comfort than its Switch counterpart and makes a significant attraction for future buyers. Actual rating: 7.5/10.

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