Jensen Ackles (Soldier Boy) reacts to the monstrous twist of episode 7

This Friday, July 1st, Prime Video aired the 7th episode of season 3 of The boys. The latter ended with a twist from another world, to which Jensen Ackles, the interpreter of Soldier Boy, responded!

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Every Friday, Prime Video broadcasts a new episode of season 3 of The boys. Unfortunately, this Eric Kripke sequel ends on July 9th. Therefore, after the plot about Herogasm, which took place in episode 6, the showrunner wanted to include a particularly striking twist at the end of his 7th episode. And what a twist! To those who still have not seen it, watch out for the spoilers that follow. As you probably know, Billy Butcher and his gang have done their best to find and free Soldier Boy (Le petit Soldat en VF), imprisoned for many years in a capsule held by Russians. The boys’ leader made a deal with Vought’s first Supe to destroy Homelander, the current leader of the seven. But the final twist of episode 7 revealed that Soldier Boy was actually … the patron’s father! Before locking the superhero inside, Vought actually used his genes in a test tube to make him a replacement … which is none other than our dear Homelander. If this plot literally shocked fans but also comic book readers since it was invented by the series’ screenwriters, the actors were also amazed when they read the script for episode 7. Find out what the reaction was Jensen Acklesperformer of Soldier Boy.

“When I learned that, I changed my performance a little bit as a soldier,” Jensen Ackles confides

Interviewed by Weekly entertainment about this monumental twist Jensen Ackles says he really enjoyed this twist: “It complicates the situation in a really interesting way.” However, he felt the need to change the interpretation of his character so fans could discover clues once the revelation was made: “When I found out, in the script for episode 7, I immediately started to change my performance a bit to be two things: first, a little more similar to what Antony (Starr) does in Homelander, because now there is a genetic similarity between the two characters. Then I was very aware of Homelander’s relationship with his son. And I started playing on it … ” Since there is only one episode left before season 3 of The boys ending, we can imagine that this revelation will change a lot of things in Butcher’s plans … A suggestion confirmed by the interpreter of Little Soldier: “Maybe Soldier Boy wants a relationship with his son, and maybe Butcher’s idea of ​​using him to defeat Homelander is not what Soldier Boy wants anymore. For now he’s his child!” Antony Starr, in the skin of Homelander, teases meanwhile this long awaited finale.

Homelander and Soldier Boy united against the rest of the world?

Already deeply disturbed by his life, Homelander risks apprehending this revelation as he is used to dealing with any confusing situation … bad and extreme. Antony Starr confirms that this message will disturb his character even more: “It’s a particularly strong revelation for Homelander because he’s always been looking for love and connection, and learning that he has a father will bring that longing for family back to the surface … How is – what will go off track this time in his head? he is more and more mentally broken and he will now embark on a family fantasy, namely to bring the three generations together.It will be a very masculine family, but he wants his family! this experience of intergenerational bonds … ” Season 3 Episode 8 of The boys promises to be full of twists! Then we have to wait for season 4, which, however, could arrive faster than expected on Prime Video.

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