Top 14 tips to be children’s favorite animator, the one that all children will remember

Going to summer camp as a child means learning that a garbage bag can be a really good raincoat, dancing your first romantic slow dance and getting to know different types of camp leaders. But among them, there is always someone who keeps our attention and our love and stays etched in our hearts for life (or at least two months after summer camp). If you also want to achieve this coveted title as a favorite animator of children, here are the tips you will need to conquer them. Be careful, but this will not help you achieve the title of exemplary animator because some tips are incompatible. We do not know everything either.

1. Prank them (lots of pranks)

Kids are the best audience and they love to laugh (well, most of them). So you can go for the little jokes and pranks that will make them feel special and love you more. Yes, as surprising as it may seem, trolling children allow you to form a bond with them. Well on the other hand, do not cut their clothes with scissors either or bother a child who hates pranks of any kind. We are not in a business school that is unclear.

Troll other anims in front of them (respectfully)

Kids love even more than being fooled into watching animations bully each other. Well, we’m still not talking about anonymous calls and dead animals hiding under the sheets. But one of the little things to do between anim, in mutual respect, is always fun (and it’s good for team cohesion).

3. Play with them (all the time)

Be sure that if you stand on the edge of the court and watch the kids kick the ball in the head under a bowl, you will never be their favorite. The ones they like it when the adults are on their team and fighting alongside them to win (yes, camp fights are not fun lol). Even better, they live to play against anime. So make them this little treat as soon as you can if you want to earn a place in their hearts.

4. Do not be stepped on (while you are chill)

I do not want to teach you about life, but to be loved by children you must show maximum coolness … But not too much either! It’s all in the dosage. Too strict, you break their nuts and they will never want to be around you, too cool, they will make a sacrifice for you and will not follow any of your instructions. Of course, all this is learned over time, but always try to aim, not for the moon, but for a happy medium between difficulty and negligence.

5. Give them a good bedtime (and don’t just ask them to shut up)

Bedtime is a privileged moment in the camp that is not in the summer camp. So do not hesitate to use it to really create a bond with toddlers. Many people like to be told little stories before they go to sleep (yes, even the elderly), to be asked what they thought during the day or to have some independence to read a book. See with your room what she prefers and take some time with your children before reminding them for the fifth time that it is no longer time to chat because we get up early tomorrow.

6. Listen to their suggestions (even when it’s shit)

You may have 36,000 game ideas, each more incredible than the next, but kids often want to play different things. So yes, it’s very cool to introduce them to new games, but believe me, they will love you so much more if you from time to time ask them what they want to do and you let them take the initiative in activities. We are quickly surprised by their dependence on the American ball.

7. Tell them about your life (and especially the points that interest them)

If you refuse to tell your background, you will quickly lose interest. They want to know who your boyfriend is, what you really live by, how old you really are, and whether you drive a Fiat Multipla. Of course, there is nothing to stop you from telling the truth. You can invent a relationship with a colleague for the duration of your stay and let them freak out whether you are bluffing or not. Of course, you answer the questions you are comfortable with, it works both ways.

8. Spread secrets on your colleagues (preferably funny secrets)

As we said above, children love to think that they have a special bond with you and that they are your darlings. By throwing information about your colleagues after them, you secure a special place in their hearts. Yes, we clearly shit on ethics at Topito. Afterwards, do not say that your director is secretly dating a facilitator and that the lifeguard has crabs. But if you can tease your colleagues a little along the way, that’s just fine.

9. Give them small rewards (to make them feel privileged)

Children are clearly venal and superficial beings who like to be rewarded. By giving them the bracelet you just made or the clue you just found during the treasure hunt, you can be sure that they will see you as their new favorite person in no time.

10. Always be determined (even when you are really lazy)

So yes, in fact, when you only have 5 hours of sleep in your body, you may be too lazy to talk to children and run after them during a Sagamore. But you are not self motivated, you can imagine that they will not discover this super nice new 4h30 game, which your colleague spent all night preparing. If you always manage to motivate them (even when you fake it yourself), you will go straight to the top of the list of people they love most in the world.

11. Teach them a lot of little tricks on the way out

Children have an insane passion for useless details and general knowledge (before they forget everything when they are adults). Take advantage of this beautiful period to teach them everything you can say, such as how to distinguish the different animal excrements, how to make a three-leaf hat or how to fill out a tax form.

12. Share maximum moments with them (even if you hate them)

It’s fine to play with them, but if you are not there in moments of life, you will definitely miss your chance for the role of anim favorite. In the quiet time, in the free time after the bath, in the canteen, for breakfast, spend time with them to find out how they feel, how they live at the summer camp and what they want to do today. Even if you do not care, they will think they are your eyeball and reward you with the title of favorite host.

13. Do not care about being a favorite host (yes yes)

From experience, children’s favorite animations are those who do not care to be the favorite animal. They make their lives like an anim and make themselves loved without the slightest effort. Yes, it’s annoying. But when you think about it, it’s true that trying to make yourself loved by children can be counterproductive (or even cross-border). So be yourself and you will get all the love you deserve, even if it’s someone’s.

14. Give them $ 10,000

Best tips to become their favorite, honestly, do not hesitate.

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