5 Ways to Earn Satoshis Using the Lightning Network

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that Lightning network (LN) reopened the ability to use Bitcoin (BTC) in micropayments, enabling a range of Bitcoin-centric business models that allow Internet users to earn rate.

Read on to find five ways to do it earn bitcoin thanks to Lightning Network.

Sends content to stacker.news

The Stacker News page allows you to earn satoshis

One of the most innovative ways to make a profit is to become a regular contributor Stacker news.

Stacker News is a type of content platform Save your based on the Lightning Network, which was created to bring together people who have a common interest: Bitcoin.

The difference between Stacker News and a community forum like Reddit is that it allows people to write articles and make money from other users who engage with your posts by clicking the lightning bolt to the page.

To join the Stacker News community, simply sign up with your email address, Twitter account, or Lightning wallet. Then you can publish the first articles for free. After gaining enough popularity, you will receive one satoshi per comment or post. The more valuable content you post, the more satoshi you can earn.

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Play P2E-like bitcoin games

The LightNite game

If you like playing video games, you will be glad to know that you can earn satoshis by playing P2E (play-to-earn) games running on LN.

P2E games are becoming increasingly popular because they allow game developers and gamers to make money through, in this case, BTC.

Some of the games you can play and earn rate include LightNitea shooting game developed by Satoshi games, THNDR BAYa bubble shooter created by THNDR GAME, The crypto wheela mobile question-and-answer game created by viker.

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Receive rewards in satoshis

Satoshi rewards can be given to people every time they complete a transaction on a site that offers BTC rewards, or when they use apps or cards that pay out Bitcoin cashback.

Bitcoin rewards are another method of making money while making daily purchases.

There are many apps and platforms that allow you to earn satoshis as rewards:

  • Bitrefill offers each registered customer a minimum of 1% of their total purchases each time they use Bitrefill to purchase gift cards and mobile charges. The reward can then be used to make purchases.
  • Fold provides a bank card and an app that allows users to receive bitcoin rewards for every purchase.
  • Lolli is a popular browser extension that allows individuals in the United States to earn BTC every time they make a purchase from one of their partners’ online stores.
  • setback is a web platform and browser extension that allows you to monetize every purchase made from participating brands in Europe.
Lolli allows individuals to collect satoshis

Earn rate for likes

Imagine being able to earn Bitcoin by liking postings on social media or commenting on a company postings? That’s exactly what Bet 4 Likes lets you do.

Batch 4 Likes is a Lightning Network based platform where you can earn satoshis by liking people’s posts on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. You can also upload posts you’d like to ‘like’ and encourage other users to like about them to increase engagement with your content.

Rate 4 likes is a platform based on Lightning Network

Learn how to earn bitcoin

On Carrots, You can make money by reading educational articles

Last on our list are apps of the type “Learn to earn bitcoin”. learning apps (Learn to earn apps) compensate users by paying them satoshis to read the educational content of the application.

On Carrots, for example, you can earn rate by reading educational articles on Bitcoin. Payments are made using the Lightning Network to allow users to earn and redeem rate in seconds.

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