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Virgil Tayum is a French artist born in 1986.

He lives and works in Paris.

He studied photography at the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris. After exhibiting his first works in Parisian galleries, in 2010 he presented his project “The Black Box” at the Palais de Tokyo. This exhibition was the starting point of a collaboration with the Because music label, from which a series of music and visual videos. We’re going to take a closer look.

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Who is Virgil Tayoum?

Virgil Tayoum is a Cameroonian businessman.

He made his fortune through his mobile phone company, Vodafone. This company has a strong presence in sub-Saharan Africa, where it has a large customer base. Vodafone has indeed been present in Cameroon since 2002 and the network covers more than 90% of the national territory.

Vodafone also has subsidiaries in Sierra Leone and Congo-Brazzaville; allowing it to offer its services to the local population. 2008, Virgil Tayum creates the first mobile phone application: “Orange Money”. This application allows subscribers to pay their bills by mobile phone and make bank transfers to Europe via Orange Money.

The main purpose of this application is to enable the users to increase their purchasing power through an innovative and simple system that only requires the use of the laptop to carry out financial transactions.

What is his story?

Virgil Tayoum is a young French-Cameroonian artist who grew up in Paris.

He started painting at an early age and specialized in street art. In 2008, he created a gigantic fresco in the heart of New York as a tribute to his late mother. In 2010 he switched to photography and graphic design. His photographs have been exhibited at the Louvre, the Cité des Sciences and the Center Pompidou.

He also presented an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. His work is characterized by a very colorful popular style reminiscent of the worlds of American cartoons or European comics of the 1960s.

What are his best-known works?

Virgil Tayoum is a French artist, who embarked on a surrealistic and psychedelic work.

In particular, he created a series of street artworks entitled “Why look further when everything is already there? †

Human nature has not yet been analyzed by Virgil Tayoum.

The artist invites us to discover life in a different way. His works are characterized by bright colors and simple geometric shapes.

Ezoicreport this adThe materials used to paint them are varied: acrylic, oil, collage… Everything we see when we look at these paintings is the result of chance.

The end result can be very different from the preparatory work, as everything changes according to the exhibitions and the days or nights spent for the work.

Why is he considered an important artist?

Virgil Tayoum is an American artist, who first became famous for his works on billboards. He then made himself known to the general public by installing a 20-meter high sculpture in New York. His works were subsequently exhibited at the Gagosian Gallery and at the Venice Biennale in 2008. His work is considered important because he uses different materials such as wood, paper and bamboo.

He also focuses on urban art and public spaces, which forms a common point between his work as an artist and that of an architect. He makes sculptures for urban spaces (streets, squares or parks).

It often includes characters or humorous scenes. Not all his works are intended for public space: some are immediately visible to passers-by (on a billboard). In some cases, they can also be seen by visitors who have to walk past (a gallery).

The works of Virgil Tayum are therefore accessible to as many people as possible.

What is his art?

Virgil Tayoum is a multidisciplinary artist.

He is self-taught and works in various media such as photography, visual arts, design and electronic music. His art focuses on a theme that seems simple at first glance: animals.

Virgil Tayoum likes to photograph animals in different life situations. Indeed, he takes pleasure in creating crazy situations where the animals seem to pose for a fashion photo. These photos can be cut and reassembled to create original compositions.

The works of Virgil Tayum are very graphic and colorful, which grabs the viewer’s attention.

The color choice is often lively and the use sometimes eccentric (finger paints).

Black and white photography accentuates the drama of certain images.

  • nature photography
  • visual art
  • Design

Where did he study?

Virgil Tayoum was born in New York in 1973.

He holds an MBA from Harvard University in 1999 and a Master of Fine Arts in graphic and visual design from the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2000.

He also earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Hunter College.

More information about his achievements can be found here: http://virgiltayoum.com/.

Who did he work with?

Virgil Tayoum is an American artist of Cameroonian descent.

He started painting in 2009. This artist started his career as a street artist, before later focusing on painting and sculpture. His style is characterized by the graffiti movement, although his work can be called street art due to the bright colors used to create his works.

Virgil Tayoum started painting at an early age, developing a specific artistic technique.

When he was little, he spent a lot of time playing football and this led him to create sports characters such as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

You can view the works of . to discover Virgil Tayum on his Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/virgiltayum/ You can also visit his virtual gallery: http://virgiltayumgallery.com/

What are the themes of his works?

Virgil Tayoum is a French visual artist born in 1979 in Douala, Cameroon.

He grew up in Paris and now lives between Paris, New York and Lagos. His works are mainly paintings, but he also made some sculptures and drawings.

He studied for 7 years at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. This artist is known for his works that combine different styles: pop art, graffiti, graphics…

The themes of his work are often linked to social networks or even to human relations through Facebook posts.

‘s cloths Virgil Tayum represent very colorful urban scenes like graffiti or tags.

Bright colors bring dynamism to the artist’s paintings.

You can find some of these works in ArtQuid’s online gallery: http://www.artquid.com/virgil-tayoum/

In short, it is difficult to define what Virgil Tayoum’s photography could be. You could think of it as an abstract art form, but that’s still very subjective. His photos radiate a certain poetry and seem to evoke masterpieces.

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