EXCLUDED. Tom Felton remembers Professor Sprout’s greenhouse

By Francois R.

– Posted on July 05, 2022 at 15:39

We met the iconic interpreter of Draco Malfoy in the new setting of the Harry Potter studios, Professor Sprout’s Greenhouse. Emotion and nostalgia sequence guaranteed for all Potterheads.

Welcome to Professor Sprout’s Greenhouse! I was a student here about twenty years ago, you know …”, Launched with nostalgia Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy in the saga Harry Potter. All around him, a lush environment, grasses climb along the stone walls. A perfume of nostalgia in the absence of that of the earth where Mandrakes of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. On July 1, Harry Potter inaugurated the Warner Bros. Studios. based in London a new setting: Professor Sprout’s mythical greenhouse. Tom Felton had the comic task of introducing us to this reconstruction of an environment he knew well almost twenty years ago.

That’s exactly how it was. ”, adds the British actor and observes the space in its entirety, in front of the journalists present for the event. “I am lucky to be able to return here and I think fans all over the world will have the chance to experience this visit just like me. An experience identical to the one we had here when we were 12 years old.Tom Felton is happy to be here, it’s undeniable. You can read it on his face. He is not one of the old glories hiding to vitamin aeternam on past success. He improvises a sales rep moment, the promo moment commits, and praises the benefits of reconstructing the original decor: “As you can see, every square inch of this place has been beautifully restored to what it was all those years ago. It gives me goosebumps just to talk about it.“Between two answers in the interview, we see that Tom Felton gets lost in his thoughts, where the memories of a youth spent on the film set must parade, especially during a famous comic scene that contrasts with the steamy darkness of the other film.

nostalgia patronum

Enjoyable, charming, deadpan, he returns to the set of the second opus in the franchise Harry Potter and more specifically the stage of botany teaching. The one where he gets his finger bitten badly by a hungry Mandrake. A little trickster gag that became a cool snapshot. “I do not have a green thumb, the proof with this Mandrake that bit me at the fingertip right hereHe said, pointing to the center of the room. “Walking around in these surroundings reminds me of my childhood. It also reminds me how much of a lad I was on the set. I remember I was scolded because I laughed a lot, I moved constantly, I did not respect the markings on the ground … Because we had a lot of fun. You have to imagine about thirty children crammed into this environment. We were very excited to play with Mandrakes. It was one of the funniest scenes to play. And this setting is one of the coolest in the movie. It’s an iconic place, I’m still surprised they’ve recreated it perfectly.“Following the certain interest in this new framework in the Warner studios, journalists need to focus on more personal, more nostalgic issues. And more precisely at the time Tom Felton played Harry Potter’s nemesis. A time when the He-If-Not-May-Speak-Name had not yet returned. A time when the only bespectacled wizard’s only rival was an ugly little bourgeois devil with slender blond hair.I do not miss Draco’s character at all. “swings the actor casually. No just for fun. I miss his beautiful costumes … Especially the black he wears in the last two movies. But I do not miss her different hairstyles. (laughs) What I miss most is the joy we all felt as part of this adventure when we were kids. The same with Gryffindor students. There are many memories to cherish when you look back on it.“Also for us Tom, also for us.

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