in a bathing suit she teases him …

Emeric is more fulfilled than ever. In love with his beautiful Anne-Lise, he never gets tired of sharing his daily life online and declaring all his love for her in passing. Internet users are clearly moved by so much tenderness. But the releases of the former candidate of Love is in the meadow is not just a pretext for singing about his feelings. In fact, he also shares his daily life as much as possible with his subscribers.

Like all influencers, therefore, Emeric will tend to want to embellish reality. After all, the whole principle of Instagram is at work. But it must be admitted that it is not the task of the young man. He is rather a specialist in Christmas trees and beekeeping. But in these recent holiday photos, it was his lover himself who made him aware that he lacked skills in this area. Object understands therefore that he unsuccessfully tried a small scam without consequence with his subscribers. It was, however, without taking into account the teasing of his companion, who then shows it straight.

Emeric enjoys his summer vacation with Anne-Lise, his partner

This was good news for fans of Love is in the meadow than to learn that Emeric was in love. In fact, he took advantage of Valentine’s Day to let his subscribers know he had been the victim of one of Cupid’s arrows. Object told you about it in a previous article back then. But it is true that the whole network was enthusiastic about the beekeeper.

“Today, on this Valentine’s Day, I wish a happy day to all lovers. It’s an important day for me, because after all, I never think I’ll ever be going to spend this Valentine’s Day alone again … In fact, for two months since I fell in love !!! She fills me with happiness every day that passes when she is not there, I miss her that is like a void.MBut we find ourselves very quickly in sharing beautiful moments, in two and even in three… ”then Emeric wrote online on February 14.

“Thank you so much for everything you bring me every day that goes by your side. Mlife was already beautiful, it’s even more magnificent. Honestly, I no longer thought I would find someone like you who made me believe that love at first sight was still possible. Loving and giving love was truly beautiful and received even more magic. So yes, I found love. I LOVE YOU Anne-Lise all my life until infinity plus 10000. », we could read. And Emeric fans will figure out the lovers must have been cooing for about eight months now.

A public account settlement that amuses the Internet

One thing is for sure today, these dwarf parrots have found themselves at ease. They seem to be having a great time together. The proof is that they spend as many romantic moments as moments of honest camaraderie with each other. In fact, couples where the partners are real friends will tend to last a long time and there is no doubt about it. So it’s as much fun as it is touching to see Anne-Lise cut Emeric shorts publicly online.

Especially when Emeric had to try to send blisters to lanterns. In fact, on his vacation photos, the former candidate for Love is in the meadow swim in happiness. In the company of Anne-Lise, also very smiling. But what he was trying to hide is that he was the victim of a terrible sunburn. By adding filters to the images in his post, he tried to camouflage the damage. And it was therefore shameless that his companion made the remark to him in the comments before everyone.

“Well, Emeric, we put filters on, we do not take responsibility for sunburn? », Anne-Lise wrote in the comments to this publication, yet full of love. Undoubtedly stabbed but not without reproach, the candidate to Love is in the meadow also answered him publicly. Notes in particular that his sunburn is visible despite the filters. Object give you, it is now certain that no one will neglect the beekeeper’s sunburn.

Here is definitely an anecdote that Emeric and Anne-Lise will remember. A memory that will be added to their vacations. Especially to the very many that they want to keep for themselves, precious. Still, they made Internet users smile, and that’s invaluable!

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