More beautiful lives: “Luna and the Castels will face a new tragedy” according to Anne Décis – News Series on TV

On the occasion of tonight’s broadcast of the bonus from “Plus belle la vie”, Allociné met Anne Décis, who plays Luna Torres, to find out a little more about the end of the series and what awaits her character in the coming months .

France 3 broadcasts this Tuesday night at. 21.10 a unique bonus from Plus belle la vie entitled “Retrouvailles”. To end a hectic year of style, Scotto’s high school students have gathered around Lola to arrange a ball.

The sublime castle of the Dimitri family has been requisitioned. Students and parents are ready for a wild night. As Sunalee prepares to unravel the mystery of Dimitri’s sister’s suicide and Betty’s hearts turn, a malicious hand sabotages the evening to turn it into a nightmare …

This 90-minute episode is marked by the return of many emblematic characters and is the scene of the long-awaited reunion between Luna and Rudy (Ambroise Michel). On this occasion, Anne Décis told us a little more about the film adaptation of this bonus, as well as about the future of her character in the next episodes of Plus belle la vie.

Allociné: The reunion bonus sees former actors from Plus belle la vie back. How did you find them? Were you happy to play the role of your fictional son, Ambroise Michel again?

Anne Decis : I was very happy when I learned that old people would be present at this bonus, because we are all always happy to find ourselves. It was a bit like a summer camp on the set, it was very cozy.

I was also particularly happy to find Ambroise, with whom I have a somewhat privileged relationship. I worked with him for so many years. We were both very excited about this reunion. Playing with Ambroise is like cycling again, you can not forget it. It immediately felt very natural and we laughed a lot.

During the evening, there is the time gallery on which old images of the series are projected. Was this gallery really created for the recordings? What was it like to be immersed in the memories of the series?

Unfortunately, I have no scenes in the Galerie du Temps I was playing in the theater at the time. But it’s a place that was really created on the movie stage. The teams built these large projection panels, and they selected images taken directly from Plus belle la vie, but also personal images of the teams to create this atmosphere.


At her prime, Luna becomes stunned and begins to rummage around. Did you enjoy filming these scenes?

Oh yes it was blessed bread. I had a very jubilant score. As soon as one has to surpass oneself a little and get out of everyday life, it is always very exciting. But I was still a little stressed because I did not want to overdo it to the point that it became ridiculous. The line between being out of control without falling into pathos is always fine. But it was very exciting to play.

The homecoming bonus is also an opportunity for Luna to make a burning statement to Bastien. She finally seems to have found happiness in his arms. Do you think he’s the man of her life? Will she end the series with him?

I can not tell you that (laughter). My character is a very passionate person and she has often suffered under the choices of her suitors. Guillaume decided to go to Laos, Sacha chose another and Pavel was a criminal. Luna has therefore never really been lucky in love. I’m not going to reveal it to you, but certain things are still planned regarding my love journey.

The prime ends with a shot of a fire that can be seen in the distance. In the summaries of the next episodes of Plus belle la vie we can read that Castels and Luna must face fires. Can you tell us more?

I liked the fact that the screenwriters chose to talk about forest fires, because it is a bit reminiscent of everyday life for people living in the South of France. It was a very interesting plot to play. We shot in natural surroundings and of course the production did not set fire to a forest.

To recreate the fires, we therefore worked with the Provence studios in the middle of LED screens. It is a technique that revolutionizes the green screens that we are used to playing on. It was very impressive.

What awaits Luna during the summer?

I can ‘t tell you too much not to spoil you, but a lot more is going to happen. I have the opportunity during the summer to be on several grounds. I have the privilege of the writers trusting me, so I have a lot to play for in the last few weeks. I’m happy because I enjoy it to the last.


Elodie, Bastien’s wife, left Marseille and her family several months ago. Will the character soon reappear and damage his relationship with Bastien?

For now I do not know. But I really liked playing with Stéphanie Pasterkamp who plays Elodie. I would be very happy if she came back, because that would be a source of twists. And then I love playing with this family. We will see what the future brings for us.

Luna seems to have been accepted by Bastien’s children, who now consider her their stepmother. Will it last? Have they really made a place for him in their family?

We all get along really well, between Nicolas Berger-Vachon, the three children present, and even with Théo Curin, with whom I remain in contact. We have built a good relationship through the days.

I also have a real love for the three teenagers. These are people I love working with and I think they are very talented. This intrigue around the forest fires will bring them closer because they will have to face a new tragedy.

In the final prime, Luna was depressed about ending up as her mother and managing the hotel to the point where she attempted suicide. With the arrival of Castels, she is again at the head of Zéphir, but she remains very happy. What has changed for her? Do you think she will succeed in flourishing in the hotel?

I think that’s the principle of the mixed family. Luna’s problem went far beyond the hotel. She would not be stuck and end up like her mother, especially since all the men in her life had left her.

But she did not really want to end it. There is too much life in this character for her to follow her impulses. The fact of having rediscovered the love of this childhood and of discovering the joys of the mixed family, that is what saved him.


However, my character remains a very cyclical person, so we are not immune to proper news. We must not forget that this is fiction and that if everyone was happy, there would be nothing more to tell. Our characters go through many hardships and experience ups and downs, but that’s what viewers are interested in.

In this prime, many iconic characters have returned. And we suspect that by the end of the series, many others will return. I guess you can not give me names to preserve the surprise, but if there was a character you would like to look back on, then who should it be?

There are so many … I loved working with Virgile Bayle, who played the role of Guillaume and Avy Marciano, who portrayed Sacha. I also really wanted to see Ambroise, so there I am very happy. There are also a lot of characters that I liked, but that I did not necessarily play with.

For example, I have great admiration for Coline D’Inca, who plays the role of Sybille Cassagne. I’m very glad she said yes to coming back for this bonus. There are actors that I have a lot of love and great admiration for, and Coline is one of them.

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