STATEMENTS. They were in camp, on guard, abroad, telling the “unforgettable” Seville 82

Four decades have passed. Some of today’s high school students are now approaching retirement. Others, active over time, are now in their eighties and living peaceful days. Their names are Danièle, Philippe, Laurent, Daniel, Alain, Pierrick, Patrice, Patrick, Jean, Roland. Everyone remembers their legendary evening in the history of French football on July 8, 1982, when the French team failed in the semifinals of the World Cup against Germany after a match in the unimaginable scenario (3-3, 4-5 tabs).

On May 19, Prolongation launched a call for memories to celebrate the 40the the anniversary of the meeting. “Unforgettable” is the word that recur as a leitmotif in most contributions. Fingers still clinging to emotion, many condemn French defender Patrick Battiston’s aggression from German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher during this famous 56.eminutes. “An assassination attempt”, Philippe writes straightforwardly. Many regret the lack of response from Mr Corver, who cursed Mr Corver, the chair.

Many of you also evoke the ecstatic joy of Alain Giresse, author of the 3-1 goal for the Blues, in ’98.eminutes of extra time. And many of you remain affected by it “distress” and “the tears of the French”, at the end of the meeting. They were far from the only ones who let their tears color. Laurent has these words and this picture: “ The emotional elevator ran full throttle, even faster than Top of the Rock, with plenty of back and forth, to stop, around 11:49 p.m., very, very, very low. At 50ecellar. » Daniel has the art of synthesizing: “It’s an extraordinary match that will remain a monument to sport for its intensity and all the disappointment it caused.”

“We managed to make a pseudo-antenna with a cable and a fork”

The month of July is synonymous with holidays, and many supporters of the Blues struggled to see the meeting. Lorientais Patrice, 14 years old at the time, is in summer camp in Vercors, in the middle of the mountains, with “many kids who love football and collect Panini stickers on their albums”. On July 8, early in the morning, this merry band “does the director of the camp bother to watch the match in the guard room”. Their efforts are rewarded … until overtime, synonymous with light out. Extreme frustration. But the children have resources and follow, each in their room, the end of the meeting, with the ear glued to the radio. Trésor and Giresse’s goals are celebrated, as they should be, by an assembly in a hallway flooded with shouts of joy, much louder than the mono’s remonstrations.

Philippe is barely older. In 1982 he was 16, playing football under the colors of AS Vitré and spending his early summer with his family on a campsite near Royan. In their trailer tent, no television. “I had taken my bike to the nearby campsite, where various TVs broadcast the meeting. » This sense of ingenuity is not limited to the momentum of youth. Patrick, 28 years old at the time, worked at night south of Rennes as a console operator (in the computer management of bank accounts). “A colleague had brought a television, but we did not have a TV socket. We had managed to make a pseudo-antenna with a cable and a fork. We were able to watch the game while we worked. »

Not everyone had the opportunity to mix work and match. Daniel, a doctor, 30 years old in 1982, was on duty in the intensive care unit at the University Hospital in Rennes. “The team had requested that we could have a television in the guard room. » Request rejected by the department’s medical officer. “However, it was a unique moment that we thought we could experience without neglecting the regular work with the sick. I could therefore only see a maximum of ten minutes of this France-Germany by going down to the service during Surgical Resuscitation, which was less than a minute from my workstation, in shifts with a colleague staying at the floor. » The speech of Alain, 34, a resident of Saint-Philibert de Grand-Lieu (Loire-Atlantique), tends to prove him right. “I had eaten fritters at noon and a little forced on the crowd. In the evening I was gripped by a stomach ache so I had to lie down, it was so bad. I asked my wife to call our doctor. But when I suspected he was watching the match, I asked him to tell him not to come before the break. This was done and I ended up in the clinic for emergency surgery for peritonitis the next day. »

In July 1982, Laurent also worked. The young man, soon to be 19, a recent graduate after a first failed attempt, helped his family …

STATEMENTS. They were in camp, on guard, abroad, telling the “unforgettable” Seville 82

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