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The seventh episode of the third season of The Boys, which has been available since Friday on Prime Video, ends with a giant revelation about Homelander and Soldier Boy. A twist that the performers of the two Supers responded to.

Warning, this article contains spoilers on episode 7 of season 3 of The Boys!

The third season of The Boys will have many shock scenes until the end! The latest is none other than the revelation of a relationship between Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) and Homelander (Antony Starr). At the end of episode 7, the first one calls the second one to tell him that he is his father. A twist that no one saw coming, not even the series’ actors.

I read it in the script and let out a scream of surprise. We do not see it coming, but when we learn about it, we say to ourselves ‘ah but yes of course’. These are the best twists, the ones that have been in front of us from the start”, Assures Jack Quaid, Hughie’s interpreter, thus Weekly entertainment.

And it’s true that the writers had spread some clues over the course of the season. “You begin to understand how the notion of this toxicity has passed. When you watch the season again, you will see all these parallels we have drawn between them.”, Confides the creator of the series, Eric Kripke, and especially quotes the relationship between Soldier Boy and Crimson Countess and Homelanders relationship with Maeve.

An actor in the unknown …

However, the showrunner had not shared the information with Jensen Ackles, who therefore discovered the pot of roses by reading the script for the episode. “In my opinion, this is the most WTF twist of the season”He says, before explaining that this then influenced his interpretation of Super:

I immediately started adjusting my performance a bit to be two things. On the one hand, a little more like what Antony [Starr] I did that with Homelander because there is now a genetic similarity, but I was also very aware of the relationship between Homelander and his son and started playing on it.

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And to continue:Maybe Soldier Boy wants a relationship with his son, and maybe Butcher’s idea that he should wipe out Homelander is not what Soldier Boy wants anymore, because now he’s his child. So it really complicates the situation, in an incredible way.

… But not the other!

On the other hand, Antony Starr was made aware of this twist, which he describes as “very star wars”At the start of the season. He says in this connection:It’s an interesting puzzle for both characters, but especially for Homelander. He has always been looking for love and connection, and the revelation that he has a father really brings back the need he has for a family …

And to add:We have tried to show that Homelander really gets lost in his own head. He becomes very mentally broken and embarks on a family fantasy: having all three generations together. He wants one [famille] very masculine, but he must have a family. There will be this experience of intergenerational bonding.

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An invention for the series

Note that in the cartoon from which The Boys is adapted, Soldier Boy is not the biological father of Homelander. In addition, the two men in the paper version of the now famous Herogasm orgy have a sexual relationship. Before the broadcast of season 3, Eric Kripke had entrusted to EW on this topic:

I love this scene and it’s funny, but for a dozen reasons, all of which will be revealed when you watch the season, it could not happen. We talked about it. It was in conflict with a lot of other things we were trying to build with Soldier Boy. So she unfortunately had to disappear.“And we better understand why now!

To discover the consequences of this huge twist, go on Friday, July 8 on Prime Video.

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