The “thiakhaneries” of the Senegalese opposition (by Aly Coto Ndiaye)

“When I see what I see and hear what I hear, I am very happy to think what I think,” Fernand Raynaud said.

The immaturity of the opposition grouped in the YAW shows that President Macky SALL has adventurers ahead of him with simplistic, war-threatening and dangerous speeches.

Only Senegalese who love justice and peace are no doubt more reassured to see President Macky SALL lead the boat instead of entrusting it to these voiferators. And moreover, the Constitution is at the helm of a country where democratic breathing is a hallmark.

So I appeal to Senegalese and Senegalese to show clarity and serenity to block the way for arsonists, who strongly threaten our democracy and our good cohabitation, forged in the common desire for common life.

I therefore call for a useful and massive vote on 31 July for the referendum on the BBY list across national territory and in the diaspora, in order to maintain stability and social harmony, which is a source of pride and admiration.

Senegal must not risk inaptocracy, which, as the French thinker Jean d’Ormesson so aptly defined, is “a system of government in which those who are least able to govern are chosen by those who are least able to produce” .

The distortions of Ousmane Sonkos and his staff, who navigate between “deadly battle” and “concerts with foreheads”, will never make them the best alternatives that Senegalese have a right to expect. I heard the “successful” Ibou Fall on the air, I consider them jokes in an adult daycare. It’s like!

Let’s raise our voice before it’s too late. The tolerance of public authorities cannot be transformed into a right, because it is not really, because there are many who err, that they are right, and whether they like it or not, the truth exists in relation to justice, which is binding on all and the preservation of the rule of law.

Ladies and gentlemen of YAW, bid on alternative programs instead of sublimating yourself all day long in front of TV cameras. This situation is in many respects reminiscent of an excursion that Me Demba Ciré Bathily made a few years ago on RFM’s radio: “every journalist has his politicians, and every politician has his journalists whom he manipulates” however, a good professional must refrain from being a biased actor in the political game.

Journalists very often do not believe in the nonsense of these “politicians”, but they repeat them, and it can be worse. Today, the parade that is most shared on television consists of inviting so-called columnists (by the way, always the same), experts in “Everything”, but who in reality only do “Wax Sa Xalaat”.

In truth, and as the former CEO of APS, Mr Abdou Gningue, puts it so well, “Our televisions have become opinion media, which have suddenly given up their primary mission of being information media. We are no longer informed, but they are trying to recruit us.”. Except that the people are not fooled and live daily the efforts that President Macky SALL has made to improve conditions for all Senegalese.

President Macky assures and reassures his world; this is noticeable throughout the national territory and even outside, no insult to this immature opposition. The facts are there obviously because the president for almost more than 3 years has deployed without respite, launched new structuring projects towards the emergence, and when he travels within the country, the people show him a connection without common goals. .

Outside our borders, he is not only invited into all the circles where there are only the “BIG” in this world, but even better, he is listened to and consulted. So doubting the size of our president is simply nihilism. Twenty years ago we would have been mirrored such a leader that we would sign immediately and with both hands.

The arguments most often raised by agitators relate to the development of our democracy. Let us agree that the concept itself constitutes an ideal and therefore as such is never achieved. Under all skies, the marches towards the democratic ideal are littered with pitfalls that bring problems, one of the largest democracies experienced it during the vote, which elected Joe Biden.

So the upheavals associated with these contradictions, we live them and will live them again, but in spite of all this, life continues and with it the Senegalese nation with its culture, its faith, its social organization, its qualities, but also its imperfections, like the one we will have to correct as we go through dialogue and honest and sincere consultation.

Learning by “trial and error” implies that we get rid of the complex demonizing error, failure, and equate them with a sin that deserves divine punishment. However, this improvement must follow the advice and guidance of our religious and customary leaders, but must above all take into account the laws and regulations in force in our dear country, Senegal.

Former Minister of Youth Affairs

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