The Trek-Segafredo Team’s 2022 Tour Santini Outfit

In July, the Trek-Segafredo team renews its teams’ wardrobe for the highlights of the season: during the Tour de France, men and women will wear a special outfit that combines the red of the men’s kit with the blue of women’s clothing.

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This choice extends the graphics of the bikes used by the athletes and aims to symbolize the equality between male and female athletes, underlining the policies that the team has supported for years and which is also reflected in the outfits of both teams . Already at the presentation in Copenhagen, the gaze of the spectators was drawn to the convergence between the design of the bike and the racing clothing that the World Tour formation has put on.

For the occasion, the Trek-Segafredo team paraded in official clothing specially designed for the Grande Boucle, which conveys a strong message in addition to the graphic aspect: the equipment athletes will wear will be the same, with a new design combining the color choices of the men’s and women’s teams. Indeed, the new visual creates a horizontal frame between the red of the men’s team and the blue of the women’s team, which remain separate to indicate the diversity of the two identities, but merge in the middle to represent the equality between the two genders. .

The new kit, designed by Santini, the team’s official partner since 2018, will be used by male and female riders during the Tour de France and the Tour de France Women with Zwift, the latter of which will take place from July 24-31. The stylistic choice of the outfit is on a base of blue nauticathe same for both male and female athletes, indicating that both formations within the team have the same importance and value.

The meaning of this choice is told by two athletes from Team Trek-Segafredo, Italy’s Elisa Longo Borghini and Latvian Toms Skujiņš.

Elisa Longo Borghini: “I have no hesitation in saying that this kit, with these colors and these graphics, is one of the best Santini has ever made for the Trek-Segafredo team. There is one detail I love more than any other: the beautiful play of shades from blue to red. A mix of colors that is not only super cool, but also symbolic for a team like ours. It represents the unity of purpose between the two teams that share the same colors, values ​​and goals. This kit is an opportunity to reaffirm that we are one team at Trek-Segafredo.”

Toms Skujiņš: “It was a nice surprise to discover the special kit for the Tour de France. I like the idea of ​​combining the designs for men’s and women’s clothing in one package. After being away from the Women’s Tour de France for so many years, it’s nice to celebrate your return by running with outfits to match. I like that the design uses colors that we don’t often see in the pack, so it means the kit needs to stand out. It’s always nice to have something special for the Tour, because it gives extra energy. I can’t wait to make the most of the three weeks of the Tour and then follow the women’s race, all in the same outfit.”

The kits that the Trek-Segafredo men’s and women’s teams will use in the Tour de France will consist of a jersey made with two eco-sustainable fabrics of Italian production: Ecofabric RECY by Corno, a fabric made from recycled yarns, obtained from the recovery of used materials or disseminated in the environment, and the Native Ecoknit by Sitip, made from fibers and recycled yarns and without the use of polluting chemicals† A business choice shared by the team to reduce the consumption of natural resources and reliance on non-renewable energy.

The team’s many supporters will be able to wear replicas of the Trek-Segafredo Tour de France kit, available in select stores and on the website

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