What is your favorite sleeping position? Here’s what she reveals about your romantic relationship

Which sleeping position do you prefer to sleep in? Do you and your partner like to have fun, or do you like to have your own room in bed? Do you know that your sleeping position can say a lot about your relationship and your personality?

Psychologists have studied the different sleep patterns and their significance in a relationship, and this is quite a surprising revelation. One leader refers to a study from the University of Hertfordshire in England. It turns out that 68% of the people who participated in the research preferred not to touch themselves at all while sleeping.

Of those who did not touch, 94% said their relationship was healthy. The article also referred to another study from the University of Chicago. Researchers have found that when a man does not get enough sleep, his testosterone levels may drop too low.

According to Patti Wood, author of Success Signals a Guide to Reading Body Language, your body language says a lot about your relationship. For example, those who sleep back to back are still connected, but they are independent people.

Here are ten things your sleeping position reveals about your relationship:

1. Spoon = Protection


Spoon is the most popular sleeping position, and there are both large and small spoons. The big spoon is the partner who feels like the protector, and in many cases it is the man, but this is not always the case. The teaspoon is the one that needs protection.

This position reveals that the teaspoon may be vulnerable in the relationship and in need of protection in life. The large spoon probably feels superior and acts as a protector for the small spoon. This intimate position gives the couple the skin-to-skin contact they both crave, as well as the security the teaspoon needs.

2. Back to back = closeness and independence

If you fall asleep in the opposite direction, touch your back. This is called back-to-back position. Your connection is usually at the level of the spine.

If your buttocks touch, it means that you both have a strong desire to stay in touch, while remaining independent people. You do not need your partner to define you as strong enough to live with or without them. Couples who prefer to sleep in this position have found that they are incredibly comfortable together and can be themselves when they are together.

This couple loves each other but appreciates their independence. If you and your spouse have recently had a fight and you are taking this position to sleep, it means that your bond is still strong, no matter how complicated things are right now.

3. The shoulder pad = Trust and teamwork

When one partner puts his head on the other’s chest, they face each other. It is also common for the couple to braid their legs together in this position. This position means that the couple is a team and that there is a higher level of trust between them.

By cuddling up in this position, they both feel romance as well as protection. Oddly enough, we find that new couples prefer to sleep in this position, as well as those who have broken up and have been together again.

4. Both on the stomach = fear and anxiety in the relationship

Not all sleeping positions are positive. If a couple sleeps separately on their stomachs, it indicates that there is anxiety and fear in the relationship. When there is no contact, it can be a sign of lack of trust.

4. Foot hug = Strong intimate connection

sleeping position

Some people are more passionate beings than others. When legs and feet touch, it shows that a person wants or needs more of an intimate or emotional connection with their partner. When the legs are tangled, it shows that you are both intertwined into one.

6. No contact, back to back = strong independence

Most people think that it is a bad sign not to touch the bed, but this is not necessarily the case. If a couple can share the same space while sleeping apart, it is a sign that they are both very independent.

Some call this classic freedom lovers space because they both feel so secure that they do not have to feel reassured by the other. The real problem arises if a person sleeps on the edge of the bed and desperately tries to get separated. This is a sign that they are disconnecting or that the mattress is too small.

7. Animals in the middle = Use animals to avoid problems

Most animal lovers share their intimate space with their furry friends. Even if it’s not a bad thing, letting them sleep between you can cause problems for your spouse. Your pet will no doubt feel the love and affection you have for them, but your partner may feel left out.

It is usually a sign that you and your spouse are avoiding a problem in your relationship and using your pet to avoid bringing the problem up. If you want your pets to sleep in your bed, let them sleep around you, not between you.

8. Face to face = Like-minded couple

sleeping position
Illustrations images: Depositphotos / Unsplash

The sleeping position face to face is a variation of the position where the partners are completely intertwined, but this time you are facing each other. It is also worth noting that most couples keep their heads in the air.

This sleeping position is very intimate and it shows that you are both like-minded. In addition, there is a good mood in your relationship because you enjoy spending time together.

9. Intertwined = can not live without each other

When you and your partner are closely linked, you enjoy being close to each other. It is one of the most romantic sleeping positions. This sleeping position is often seen in new couples and it is often used as a transitional position leading to or coming after a romantic encounter.

This position is often seen in young people, especially when they start dating. There is so much love between the two of you that you want to be as close as possible. It is rare for a couple to maintain this position throughout the relationship, but if they do, it is a sign that the couple is very dependent on each other.

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