Who is Camille Lacourt’s wife?

Are you driven by the desire to get to know Camille Lacourt better? Do you have questions about his love life? This man was born in Narbonne on April 22, 1985. Professionally, he is a recognized swimmer with specialties in backstroke swimming. Several times European and world champion, Camille Lacourt has a very special sentimental life. Who is the woman who shares life with this swimming expert? This content tells you everything.

Camille Lacourt’s marriage to Valérie Bègue

Camille Lacourt is also called the beautiful child of the pools. This name comes from its weakness in contact with the female gender. But this great man has it met the great love very early and no longer confessed to being interested in other women. According to him, this relationship changed the course of his life on a sentimental level.

The French swimming specialist has been awarded a contract his marriage on August 8, 2013 in Marseille with the lovely Valerie Begue. This woman who managed to put the ring on the swimmer’s finger is the famous one Miss France 2008. She is therefore a beauty queen who had been in a relationship with the man since 2010.

It should be noted that this couple had theirs first child on October 20, 2012. It’s a girl they’ve named Jazz and who made them happy. His parents sealed their official and solemn union ten months after his birth.

Divorce specialist’s divorce

that wedding contracted by swimmer Camille Lacourt with the miss Valerie stammered has not passed the test of time. It shook very early, leading to the separation of the two famous personalities. After three years of engagement and six years of cohabitation, their union thus collapsed.

Jazz’s parents marked their separation with an act of divorce. It was done in October 2016, when their daughter turned four. According to Camille’s revelations in her book “Fifty Shades of Blue”, the separation came from Valérie. In fact, the professional swimmer in 2019 confirms in his book that he still loved his wife. But the latter preferred to end the relationship. The man reveals that this breach was the basis of some of his professional failures. That is, for example, the reason for his absence on the podium at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

This man’s current boyfriend

After the disappointment of Camille Lacourt with his wife Valérie, the swimming specialist findslove. He unveils his new relationship with Alice Detollenaere in April 2019. The latter was Miss Burgundy in 2011.

In December 2020, the couple announced that they would soon be welcoming a child. This revelation was given through the show ” Everyone in the kitchen on the M6 ​​”. In fact, their boy was born on June 1, 2021. They named marius this child who comes to strengthen their relationship.

Revelations about his current relationship

It should be noted that Camille and Alice go through times of trials. This is mainly due to the woman’s health situation. On January 9, 2020, the former miss came up with disturbing revelations about her state of health.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer and feared Camille’s abandonment. But the love of the latter goes beyond that, and their relationship continues as usual. Instead of having to negatively impact their couple, this situation consolidates it.

Alice Detollenaere made this revelation in his book “Healed by your love”. This book was published by Leduc editions on January 12, 2021. The good news is that his companion’s health condition did not prevent the arrival of a pregnancy. The couple therefore had the joy of being parents. Supported by her companion, she is battling this disease and will have surgery again.

The relationship between the two women in Camille’s life

Camille Lacourt is known for a successful professional life. However, it is important to understand that the swimming expert has been successful in other areas. This is the case at the family level, where he managed to maintain order despite the difficulties.

that divorce of the man with Valérie does not prevent him from maintaining a good relationship with his ex-wife. The two get along well and take care of their daughter together Jazz. It should be noted that Alice’s arrival is far from being a source of misunderstandings, tightening the family bond.

In fact, the new companion of Camille Lacourt and Valérie maintains his ex-wife a perfect relationship. The two women in this man’s life really make his work easier with their understanding. Their way of life has a positive impact on the relationship between the children.

Jazz Valérie and Camille’s daughter takes good care of her little brother. That the latter is the fruit of the union between Alice and her father is irrelevant. The ex-wife and the new companion to the specialist in swimming live their happiness far from any jealousy and anger.

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