A famous candidate again in a relationship with his ex?

A famous reality TV candidate is going on holiday with her ex. The network is convinced that she is back in a relationship with him. We tell you everything.

A famous candidate ready to forgive her husband after their breakup?

Last April, Mélanie Da Cruz announced her separation from the father of her son, Swan. A news that his subscribers had not expected, even though the footballer was regularly accused of fraud.

But soon it was the reality TV candidate who found himself at the heart of the discussions. In fact the blogger @IconirTVR came especially with sensational revelations about Mélanie.

“Melanie made the divorce post on a whim. When she made the post, she was not with Anthony and wanted to trigger him. At that time, they were well separated. ‘Apparently last week it was tense between them. And now it is Mélanie who would do anything to save what is left of her couple. But I can tell you she’s rowing. Apparently, Melanie would do anything to get Martial back just because she realized her life would change completely. She no longer wants the same lifestyle as before. » Of course it’s just rumors …

A famous candidate spends the holidays with his ex.

A famous candidate again in a relationship with his daughter’s father?

The relationship between Camille Froment and the father of her daughter is not easy to follow either. After several separations, blogger Aqababe claimed the young woman would have been subjected to marital violence from her ex-side. Moreover, the latter would in fact have been condemned by justice.

Then the couple was seen together on a day out at Disneyland. Suspected of having recovered from Dadinho, Camille Froment gave a big rant. “Yes, I was at Disney with my daughter and her father for her 1st birthday. So what ? (…) Do you want me to tear myself apart with him and for my daughter to be in the middle of all this again? (…) If I wanted to live in a hidden idyll, know that Disneyland would be the last place I would have gone. »

But Camille does not appear to have been completely honest. In fact, some time later she was photographed at the table in a bar in the company of her ex. And this time it was certainly not a family outing.

A famous graduate in the cold with his children’s father? She talks about their relationship

Another candidate recently announced his separation from his children’s father: Emilie Fiorelli. The latter has decided to put a definite end to her love affair with M’Baye Niang after much betrayal.

To his curious subscribers, the heavily operated candidate confided: “I made the choice to initially show my relationship with my children’s father. Which often made me lose face. YES I was cheated and not just once. YES I was dirty, humiliated and much more than I want to avoid spreading here I’m not proud of it! TODAY I made the choice (for a while) to no longer give a chance to the couple we were about to form! So STOP, do not come and tell me what he “even though it confirms my choice, it is absolutely useless for me! Today I am happy, so are my children, so everything is perfect. We come out of it as we should, that is the main thing”.

Emilie once again confided in her relationship with the father of her children. In fact, during a new question and answer session, one user wondered if she got along well with her ex. Loïc’s twin sister (back on TV) answered in cash: “I’m just with our kids. It’s not bad” accompanied by an emoji sticking out of the tongue.

A famous candidate again in a relationship with his ex?

At any rate, Emilie Fiorelli and M’Baye Niang are attached to each other for the rest of their lives. At least until their children grow up. But could it be that the flame is lit again between the two dwarf parrots?

In fact, several Instagram publications by young parents have aroused curiosity on the web. The one who was offended on social networks and her ex is visible together in Corsica, for family vacations. The two exes did not appear together, but they posted pictures of their children in exactly the same places. Not to mention that factÉmilie liked M’Baye Niang’s post.

Would they have reconciled? But the one whose son ended up in the hospital was very aware of it: “I did not have to overcome a breakup, I chose this breakup. Due to wear and tear, abuse, I ended up detaching myself and decided. Today I am so happy. In addition to my development, my children’s development is important and I think , they are happy.It’s all that matters that we are all happy. We imagine that the former couple simply put their anger aside to offer their children a great family vacation.

A famous candidate again in a relationship with his ex?  They kiss and spend an evening alone together!

A famous reality TV couple would have given the front page. After announcing their bride, they spend the evening together and would even have exchanged a kiss …

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