A new pediatric reception unit for children at risk opens at Dax hospital

On Tuesday, an agreement was signed between the police, the judiciary, the gendarmerie, two associations and Dax Hospital to open a new pediatric reception unit for children at risk (UAPED) in the health institution. Every French department must have this place to listen and take care of minors who are victims of violence by 2022.

Receiving children who are victims of violence or abuse in a safe place for them should be allowed to improve their litigation care and, above all, their medical-social follow-up.

One pediatric reception unit per department in 2022

Since Tuesday, Dax Hospital has hosted one of these pediatric emergency care units (UAPED), deployed throughout the territory as part of the plan to combat violence against children, launched in November 2019.

This one plans to go from 64 existing UAPEDs to 101 in 2022, to have one per. department. The establishment of a second UAPED in Landes is scheduled at the hospital in Mont-de Marsan.

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Combine medical treatment and hearing in one place

As soon as a report of an offense committed against a minor is registered, these children, together with their parents or those accompanying them, may sent to this reception unit at the hospital, especially in case of violence : ” We will first ensure their medical treatment, which is still an absolute priority to know if there is care to be provided. explains Rodolphe Jarry, prosecutor for Dax.

It is a room with attractive colors, with toys, where there will be only one person to listen to the child.

At the same time, it is there that the investigators will be able to ensure the first interrogation of the young victim, in a place suitable for children, which allows them to pamper : ” It is a room with attractive colors, with toys, where there will be only one person to listen to the child. Cameras and microphones are not visible. Behind one-way glasses, a psychologist and an investigator can see the hearing live “Explains the prosecutor in Dax.

Be “by the bed” of the child and not the other way around

At the initiative of this system, which it has defended for more than twenty years, the association The child’s voice is a co-signer of the agreement implementation of UAPED in Dax with ADAVEM, a member of France Victime’s network: ” It is the professionals who go to meet the child, whereas for years it was the child who had to be taken from a police station to a court, from a court to a medical service. He is in a world of adults, sometimes next to people in handcuffs, sometimes even next to that person. How do you want a child to pursue his revelations? » explains Martine Brousse, President of The child’s voice.

The concern that we owe to these children who are victims seems to me to be increasing.

The advantage of this device is thatsave the child from going back and forth between police and health care in the very first phase of the study: The consideration that we owe to these children who are victims seems to me to be increasing with this. To bring everything into a reassuring universe is to improve their condition. We do everything in our power to relieve their pain and take care of them in the best possible way. commented Rodolphe Jarry, Dax prosecutor.

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