After losing her husband at the age of 56, a crushed Marie Myriam left the stage

True love is not limited to many years of cohabitation. Even after death, true love lives on in the daily life of the other companion. Marie Myriam’s sentimental life is a perfect illustration of this.

As an indication, Marie Myriam gave France her last victory at Eurovision, in 1977. The famous singer has known two men in her life.

She almost married Patrick Sébastien, but due to her extreme jealousy and rumors of deception, the singer decided to break up and immediately undergo an abortion. Years later, she still regrets the final decision.

She then found love in the arms of Michel Elmosino. They were wildly in love with each other, but a heart attack put an end to their love after 34 years of happiness.

After his death, Marie Myriam is still attached to this man she loved so much. Focus on his sentimental life.

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For indication, Marie Myriam, real name Myriam Lopes, is the last French winner of Eurovision. She won this victory on May 7, 1977 thanks to her title ¨The Bird and the Child¨.

After several years of absence from the media, she reappeared in 2017 with the release of her autobiography titled ¨La Fille du Ribatejo¨. She talks about her life, her injuries and her romantic relationship, including that with Patrick Sébastien.

Marie Myriam and Patrick Sébastien’s engagement in France in March 1978. ilder Sources: Getty Images

When she won Eurovision as a 20-year-old, the young singer fell in love with Patrick Sébastien. 4 years older than her, the host represented all the most beautiful to Marie Myriam. In addition, they entrusted L’Echo Républicain:

¨When I met Patrick, I fell wildly in love with him. He was handsome, he was funny. He followed me everywhere. We quickly got together and I told myself he was the man of my life¨.

Patrick Sébastien had all the qualities of the ideal man in the eyes of Marie Myriam. Unfortunately, one of his faults was a real problem for their couple: his jealousy.

Marie Myriam and Patrick Sébastien’s engagement in France in March 1978. ilder Sources: Getty Images

.It was pretty sick. He had gone so far as to have a security guard open a hotel room in hopes of catching me in the arms of a man. It was the drop that broke the camel’s back. So I flushed my engagement ring down the toilet and I flushed it,

she explained.

The story does not end there when the singer had become pregnant with the host. After their breakup in 1979, she had an abortion. Patrick Sébastien was a disappointment, however.

Not only did he still love the singer deeply, but he was touched by this action she posed. He suffered so much that he tried to take his own life, but fortunately did not succeed.

For several years they did not talk to each other, probably to try to heal their respective wounds. Finally, their relationship has improved, and Marie Myriam now considers her ex-darling a egetvery good friend¨.

¨He sent me a nice message for my birthday. We failed in our love story. After all, the bond of friendship that still unites us is very strong. He knows I will always be there for him, and conversely, I’m sure it¨,

they trusted.

But she retains an eternal remorse of their relationship:

“The decision to have an abortion was one of the worst in my life (…) It was awful, but I did not want that life, let alone a child who did not have a father. But then very small I dreamed of becoming a mother “,

she acknowledged.

Fortunately, she was able to realize this dream with another man.


The other man in Marie Myriam’s life is named Michel Elmosino. He helped her lift her head and regain her taste for life. Michel was her universe, he was her producer, but also her husband and father to her two children: Laureen and Richard.

Portrait of the singer Marie Myriam. Ilde Source: Getty Images

By his side, Marie Myriam was the happiest woman in the world. They lived 34 long years of intense happiness until life decided otherwise.

He sadly died of a devastating heart attack in December 2013, and this unexpectedly. His friend told of their last conversation:

IchMichel just said, ‘I’m tired. And he’s dead. Everything went so well! It was December 20th and we were preparing for the arrival of our children and grandchildren at home for Christmas when he suddenly collapsed, the victim of a heart attack. He did not realize he was leaving.

The singer fell again in great loneliness. It must be said that part of her left with her husband:

IdenSince my husband Michel’s death two years ago, I’m a robot (…) Writing my book has occupied my mind, but I am not healed yet (…) Michel was everything to me: my producer, my sound engineer, my artistic agent, my children’s father … I have to rebuild this half that I miss¨,

she trusted TV Mag.

She gradually managed to lift her head. His book played an important role in this process, but his offspring are no strangers to it:

ØrnChildren are great at overcoming adversity¨,

she fell in 2015.


Marie Myriam has taken over the reins of her life, but she is still attached to her deceased husband. The famous phrase ¨ until death do us part ¨ will never have more truth than in the case of this couple.

She now lives her life with her family and grandchildren. She always thinks of her husband, who by the way ¨ misses her terribly¨. She can count on the support of her children, who fill her with love.

Singer Marie Myriam. Ilde Source: Getty Images

Can we hope to see her back on stage? It’s not so sure.

But in 2018, she accepted an invitation from the show ¨Destination Eurovision¨, where she sang ¨Amar Pelos Dois¨ and his famous title ¨L’Oiseau et L’Enfant¨.

She wants to take her time, and above all, come back with a project that is close to her heart.

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