back in Paris she publishes SHOCK pictures

Christine Bravo does not have her tongue in her pocket, it is clear! With her strong character, she does not hesitate to say what she does not like. Recently, she became angry like never after a horrific vision when she was in Paris. We tell you the whole story!

Christine Bravo, annoyed as always after a find on the quay …

Christine Bravo had an original career. She studied at the University of Paris VII called Jussieu. After obtaining her history degree, she returned to the IUFM and took her first steps in working life as a teacher in the Belleville district. But, turn! Only a year after starting her career, she decided to drop everything and go to Tijuana, Mexico. There she will try a lot of different jobs. It was when she returned to the capital that she got closer to the media world. In fact, she started working for the press, in particular Liberation, Elle, Le Journal du Dimanche, Cosmopolitan or France evening. Little by little, the bird made its nest in the world of journalism and landed on radio and television.

This adventurer at heart has not forgotten his dreams. So in 2020, she decided to buy a barge on stage that she called Frou-Frou. A symbolic name as it is the same as a particular program she hosted on the channel France 2. The blonde, who is always passionate about history, offers cultural and historical cruises and cruises on the Seine with the title Under Seine’s petticoats.

Aside from her Frou-Frou, Christine Bravo still operates on the airwaves RTL in the broadcast of big heads. She is thus regularly in Paris. But his last visit to Paris made him more angry than anything else! A shock to the journalist who did not hesitate to publish the issue on social networks.

An annoying discovery next to his boat

Paris is supposed to be the most beautiful city in the world, right? Alas, do we really take care of it to its fair value? Christine Bravo stood face to face with streets filled with garbage! So as usual, when she does not like it, she expresses her dissatisfaction online by posting a picture. ” Some of you are asking me if I left my Paris barge in favor of my Corsican village. The answer is no, but here’s what I discovered on my quay, 200 meters from Notre-Dame, when I returned. So of course I ask myself the question. Living in chaos and dirt or in a Corsica that respects its environment? And we must show this shame to the world at the Olympics? I’m upset. Disgusted. “, She writes on social networks.

Christine Bravo swims with happiness

But it took a little more for Christine Bravo to lose her good mood and her zest for life. Since launching her maritime project in 2020, she has actually been living in an adventure. It was thanks to this purchase that she met the new man of her life, Stéphane Bachot, who was the previous owner of the barge. ” I stumbled upon bargains and a specialized agency. It was its director, Stéphane Bachot, who showed me around this boat, which was falling apart at the time. I was in love and bought it. Then he showed me other barges including his own. And we fell in love as fourteen-year-olds. It is with him that I live today, on his boat. », she told reporters Parisian.

Christine Bravo divides her life between land and sea! Actuallyhe two lovers said “yes” to life on June 11, 2022 in Corsica. The island of beauty is close to her heart, and she even bought a house.

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