Bentley goes into NFTs! Goals? Carbon neutral

In 1919, in London, a British carmaker was born: Bentley Motors. This iconic brand has established itself as one of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world. As part of the Volkswagen group, the brand also plans to enter the NFT world as well as Web 3.0.

The most famous luxury car brand in the world, Bentley, announces its appearance in The NFT market with a unique NFT deposit on the carbon-neutral Polygon platform.

Why 208?

That Bentley’s first entry into the world of NFT is scheduled for September 2022. The English carmaker will put 208 NFT parts on the market. But why 208? This value is especially important for the London brand. In fact, the 208 does not only correspond to the maximum speed Continental GT Speedits fastest Grand Tourer, but also for the total production of Bentley Continental 1952 R-Typethe vehicle that inspired Bentley’s modern design DNA.

According to Alain Favey, board member of sales and marketing, Bentley’s customers spend their lives online. She acquires luxury goods with digital currency and builds businesses in Metaverset. This involvesNFT assets. NFTs raise the profile of artist and art, and the carmaker believes the same can manifest itself in the luxury car world.

NFT – a unique work of art by Bentley Design

That Bentley Genesis NFT, created by Bentley Design, will be a unique work of art. Bentley will offer unique access and exclusive rewards to its owners. Bentley embarks on NFTs to pursue a long-term approach aimed at expanding and optimizing Bentley’s installation inweb 3.0 ecosystem.

The Bentley collection will be located on Polygon, an Ethereum platform. Recently, polygon has achieved CO2-neutral status. Which means everyone NFT by Bentley will be completely carbon neutral. The brand is committed to gradually achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. Therefore, it was crucial that Bentley’s first expedition to Web 3.0 teamed up with an eco-partner to … 1000%.

Explore other digital platforms

Bentley’s entry into Web 3.0 is only the first step on the road their path towards an environmentally responsible digital spare parts offer. Bentley also plans to explore other digital platforms such as non-fungible chips or NFCthem Metaverse appsonline games … The brand announced that the owners of a NFT Bentley will be eligible for exclusive rewards.

After the launch in September? Bentley will lift the veil unique pieces of digital art and NFT. Can’t wait for the start of the school year to discover this?

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