Bitstack joins Y Combinator and launches its mobile app

bit stakthe French Bitcoin savings company registered as digital asset provider (PSAN) medFinansmarkedsstyrelsen (AMF), announces that it has been selected by the most prestigious US startup accelerator Y Combinatorofficially launches its mobile app today on the App Store and Google Play after 4 months of beta, and draws the first conclusions from its pre-launch.

The Bitstack mobile application was originally launched in beta in March 2022 and allows you to create savings in Bitcoin in a simple, fun and painless way. Thanks to the mechanism of automatic rounding of expenses (example: a coffee bought for 2.60 € is rounded up to 3.00 €, and 0.40 € is set aside), savings are created easily and in Bitcoin, responsibly without thinking about it .

Bitstack solves the issue of Bitcoin price volatility by relying on the DCA (“Dollar-Cost Averaging”) method, a long-term investment strategy that consists of making regular purchases to smooth out the volatility risk, while gaining exposure to Bitcoin’s bullish long-term performance. . .

Based on the beta’s success, Bitstack officially launches its mobile application.

Now available on the App Store and Google Play, the app can be downloaded for free to start rounding up your spending and saving some bitcoin reserve money. Users can then buy, sell and ship Bitcoin.

The app is designed to be simple and accessible to everyone and offers solutions for different lifestyles: automatic rounding of expenses, recurring purchases and one-time purchases of Bitcoin from € 1 per. Map.

We have seen a real enthusiasm for Bitstack even though we were in beta. More than 5,000 French people have already set up an account, saving an average of € 76 in Bitcoin a month, with no effort.comments Alexandre Roubaud, CEO and co-founder of Bitstack.

To accelerate development, Bitstack joins the Y Combinator, the most selective start-up accelerator in the world.

Y Combinator, the California accelerator that discovered and supported global successes like Airbnb, Stripe and Coinbase, chose Bitstack for its latest promotion.

Access to the program will allow Bitstack to be accompanied by the best international mentors for 3 months and receive funding of $ 500,000, completion of the one million euro fundraising already completed.

We have many ambitions for Bitstack, which positions itself as the easiest solution in Europe to invest in Bitcoin. Our decision to register as a PSAN with AMF not only allows us to offer a secure solution that complies with the French regulatory framework, but also to anticipate European MiCA rules. This is what convinced Y Combinator to support us in accelerating our growth and becoming the benchmark Bitcoin account for Europeans. “ends Alexandre Roubaud.

Early Bitstack results are promising and users are proving it. After a few months of beta use, Bitstack returns to some key figures about their customers’ usage and expectations.

According to an internal survey conducted by Bitstack by 742 users:

  • 94% of savers will keep their bitcoins for more than 3 years (29% for more than 10 years),
  • 59% are ready to save up to € 249 a month in Bitcoin,
  • 64% decided to invest in Bitcoin to diversify their investments,
  • 67% would be willing to use Bitcoin as a means of payment at merchants,
  • 92% believe that it is a developing currency,
  • 96% consider it to be a savings solution for the future.

The survey showed that 94% of savers are not worried about the recent fall in the price of Bitcoin. On the contrary, 83% see it as an opportunity to buy cheap Bitcoin, and that is also our vision, hence the interest in making DCA with Bitstack! ”, adds Alexander.

Research methodology

Survey conducted on 742 French users of the Bitstack application, from Tuesday, June 28, to Wednesday, June 29, 2022, based on quantitative questions.

About Bitstack

Created in April 2021 by Alexandre Roubaud and Kabir Sethi, the French company Bitstack based on STATION F in Paris offers a mobile application that allows you to save in Bitcoin in a simple, fun and painless way.

Bitstack is a regulated company, registered as a digital asset service provider (PSAN) with AMF and ACPR Banque de France under number E2021-027.

Bitstack website:

This text is a press release. Do your own research and invest only the money you can afford to lose.

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