Boibessots give their kids a crazy surprise

The Boibessot family is an emblematic family of the latest edition of “Large Families: Life in XXL”. Viewers discovered each of the members of this clan in March this year. When they arrived at the show, the parents were responsible for a tribe of six children whose first names are particularly original. There are Mayeul 8 years, Camille 6 years, Ebbane 5 years, Pia 3 half a year, Foucauld 2 half a year and Hildegarde almost 1 year.

Like most mothers who participate in the flagship program that airs every week on TF1, Audrey Boibessot animates her Instagram account by feeding it daily. Thus, the fans of this great family follow their adventures day by day. Recently, they discovered the surprise that awaits Hervés and Audrey Boibessot’s seven children. And this surprise the whole family will soon enjoy!

An Emblematic Family of “Large Families: Life in XXL”

In May 2022, the Boibessot family grew with the arrival of a little boy named Sernin. On her Instagram story, the happy mother announced the news to her many subscribers: “It’s the start of a new life at 9. Baby Sernin is here! Everything went amazingly well … He is perfect … The mother is very well. As soon as his brothers and sisters have seen him, we’ll show him to you. »

For the Boibessot family, summer holidays are not easy to organize. In addition to the arrival of the baby, we need to consider their busy professional lives. The parents of this happy tribe actually run a barbershop and have just launched another business. Until Audrey Boibessot publishes this happy news, this great family’s holiday therefore seemed to be compromised.

But for this brave mother, it is not an option to deprive her children of vacation. Her Instagram subscribers recently discovered that despite all the family obsessions, Audrey intends to please her clan during the summer. It is even safe as Madame Boibessot has published a checklist of all the things to take on holiday. To accompany this picture, Audrey revealed to her subscribers that she had a nice surprise in store for her children. “I take the opportunity to make progress in preparing for the surprising holidays. We’re actually leaving next Saturday for a week, but the kids do not know. They think this year we can not leave, but actually take we’re off! ” they trusted. But the mother did not reveal their destination. “Not very far, but the most important thing is to try everything to satisfy them this summer” she explained, illustrating her point with a small heart.

A nice surprise and a well-deserved holiday for the Boibessot family

Surely the Boibessot family will not be bored while waiting for the day of the great departure. As Audrey’s story testifies, the children are constantly busy. To their delight, they are already enjoying summer entertainment! Games in the swimming pool, ice cream tasting and some work in the kitchen to help their mother. Some even help their father at work. It must be said that with the barber shop located in the center of Toulouse, the Boibessot spouses do not have time to get bored. And now that they have opened another, even though it is closer to home, they need to be on all fronts.

Dynamic and determined to lead their projects to success, the one who gave birth to his seventh child almost two months ago has already resumed a professional activity. After being a homemaker for many years, she works with her husband at their barbershops. One thing is for sure, a little break during the summer would be beneficial for the whole family! If the children are happy to experience new adventures, the parents will finally be able to take a break from the work and maintenance of their large house.

It is still unknown where the Boibessot family intends to spend this famous holiday week. Audrey will most likely announce it in the coming days to its many subscribers. Chances are she shares lots of photos from their precious surprise vacation!

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