Can we win a Champions League with such an ugly jersey? / France / PSG / June 30, 2022 /

A bib. This is what the new Paris Saint-Germain jersey looks like for the upcoming season. A dirty tunic, which in addition does not respect the tradition of the Hechter sweater. What prevents the capital club from winning the Champions League? Nothing is less certain.

It seems that taste is subjective. Paris Saint-Germain, however, proved the opposite by getting everyone to agree. Used to division, the club from the capital this time achieved the feat of achieving unanimity when it announced its new home jersey for the season 2022-2023. Yes, whether it’s the PSG supporters, those who hate the club or even the regulars of the fashion week, are all of the same opinion: this likette is awful. For the simple and good reason that football players are not 2 years old and therefore do not need a giant bib to run on a football pitch.

Nike has previously proven – and especially with the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 away kits – that the designers who work for the American company know how to do a good job. So how could they have made such a mistake as this middle band that stops before they reach the pass? Unless it’s a subliminal message sent to players who are sometimes accused of behaving like children. Especially since this sensation of a giant bib was already present on the jersey for the Paris season 2013-2014. And given that it ended in a defeat in the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France against Montpellier and an elimination in the quarter-finals of the Champions League on a goal from the shin of Demba Ba against Chelsea, PSG say it was a good idea to recreate this awful space.

respect is dead

Finally, the worst thing about this sweater may not be its shape, but the choice of colors. Or rather the order of colors. A year after they decided to remove the iconic center stripe, Nike and PSG have once again defiled Daniel Hechter’s work by presenting a jersey where the white and red are inverted. Because a home jersey from Paris Saint-Germain must respect the famous BBRBB code, namely blue-white-red-white-blue and not become BRBRB (blue, red, white, red, blue). Otherwise we no longer respect any tradition and we let the French team arrive with a yellow home jersey, the leader of the Tour de France with a fuchsia jersey or even we give tennis players permission to dress in fluorescent Wimbledon. No, certain traditions must be respected so as not to forget the history of a club, a committee or a sport. The problem is that many people who criticize – and rightly so – this Paris Saint-Germain jersey in June, will be in possession of next March in the bays of the Parc des Princes or in the streets of their city. However, the only way the club and equipment supplier understand that it is necessary to return to traditional jerseys, such as the home and away season 2020-2021, is that it is felt in sales. And so if the designers will ever give free rein to their imagination and imagination, then they always have the sweaters third to have fun.

The bib is a weapon

Fortunately for Paris Saint-Germain, a nice jersey was never a guarantee of winning a trophy. Otherwise, Nigeria would have won the World Cup in 2018, Saint-Étienne would have lifted C1 in 1976, Bastia C3 in 1978 and Roma Serie A in 2015. And conversely, Borussia Dortmund proved in 1997 that it was possible to win the Champions League with a dirty jersey . And so depending on the opponent, PSG could not wear their blue jersey, like Real Madrid, who beat Juventus in the final of the 2017 edition with a purple jersey. Especially since Paris is used to playing with its jersey third or even his fourth jersey at the Parc des Princes in the Champions League. And for once, no one will blame the club for not wearing the main jersey at home. And there it will be unanimous again. What if it was PSG’s strength for the 2022-2023 season: did it manage to get everyone to agree?

By Steven Oliveira

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