Cyndie (Married at First Sight) says why she refused an intimate relationship with Jauffrey

Often only one detail is needed Married at First sight mutates into a nightmare. Today Cyndie tells us about her disappointment!

Watch out, Cyndie unpacks everything!

Ah, trying on Cyndie’s dress. It’s obvious, at the moment, viewers do not hesitate to burn it forever. Affected by what is happening to her, the young woman has sparkling eyes. If only she could have foreseen what awaited her. She probably would not have agreed to confide so much to the shrink team and even less to Jauffrey. In any case, the least we can say is that his father had smelled the bad shot. He always uses humor and asks the swimmer to take care of his daughter, otherwise he will have to deal with him. Alas, a few days after this beautiful ceremony, the experience will turn into a nightmare. What happened that made everything go so wrong? Object explains everything to the smallest detail!

Who will have the last word?

Between two sequences of Married at First sight, Cyndie and Jauffrey confide in the cameras. During these interviews, the BFF of Florent Manaudou puts things to the case. Yes, there is a bond between him and his wife. Moreover, he finds her to his liking physically. So he wants to go a little further with that. But no question of the forces of fate. Everything will come naturally. It will be understood he wants to respect that. Remembering the quarrel with stepfather, he stands firm. Do not expect him to take on the role of villain. Nor will he tempt the devil at night and even less so during the honeymoon. On the other hand, when his girlfriend is far away, he comes up with a sensational revelation to the experts. He would like ” consummate the marriage “as soon as possible. But the more the minutes go by, the more he feels that his wish will not be fulfilled right away!

After a few days away from everyday life, the return to reality is brutal for Cyndie and Jauffrey. In addition, Madame visits in the sequence above Monsieur. What she’s discovering causes her to fall from above. Upside down, her treasure apartment looks more like a construction site than a love nest. Moreover, in Télé-Loisir’s columns, she does not use tweezers to describe her state of mind. ” It was very embarrassing, I feel a little uncomfortable ! Although she jokes about having to assemble a piece of furniture instead of her dear and tender, she can not stand that the sanitary facilities do not work. If he is not able to show agility, she does not dare to imagine the result in intimacy!

And there, for Cyndie, it’s the cold shower!

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But whenObject remember the honeymoon, the latter had all the ingredients of the fairy tale. They share a love of sports and fun. By taking advantage of a moment of respite without spotlights and microphones, the couple agree on a point. It’s not worth insisting, Cyndie will not give in to her attempts at rapprochement. Fearing that his idyll would work, the latter would have listened carefully to his bride’s arguments. As an Eddie, patience seems to be one of the young man’s most important qualities. Will she end up being rewarded?

During the reunion of the balance, Jauffrey falls backwards. On the one hand, his valuable efforts are not taken into account. On the other, he has the impression of having been the farce’s turkey. Coldly, Cyndie admits that she undertook not to crush everything. She puts herself in an observer’s place and examines her husband’s attitude. Its purpose is to know what he expected from this experience if he really wanted a woman in his life. » In short, it is “clear” to get involved and start a family by his side? Clearly, he did not tick the boxes at all. The couple prefers to divorce rather than cling to, and put an end to the mystery! How sad … Let’s hope they find something that suits them soon!

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