France Télévisions: Which French series for next season?

France Télévisions presented its return this morning to the press and in particular its creations of French series. Which program for series fans?

French series represent an important part of the attractive audience at France Télévisions. During the presentation to the press of its return, the public group briefly mentioned its next productions (without really doing much – the majority of the announcements will take place in September in La Rochelle).
So no big surprises, but pictures that we recover from expected series like Vortex Where Diana of Poitiers. Even we are surprised that faced with the presence of a large number of animators, no actor or actress was invited to attend the event!


2025. Captain of the Judicial Police in Brest, Ludovic lost the love of his life, Mélanie, 27 years ago. The mother of her daughter Juliette died in what appeared to be an accident … But suddenly, thanks to a time gap that opens up inside a crime scene reconstructed in virtual reality, they can communicate between 1998 and 2025! Ludovic warns Mélanie: she will die in eleven days! But saving her from certain death means that Ludovic risks losing his life in the present, what he took so long to rebuild: his new wife, Parvana and their son Sam …

Diana of Poitiers

In the royal epic Valois-Angoulême, in the midst of the Renaissance, a woman at the forefront of the race for honor: her name is Diane de Poitiers, an emeritus hunter whose unchanging beauty nourishes rumors and legends. Despite his unchallenged supremacy over Henri, the youngest son of François Iuh, his position at court remains fragile to the powerful Anne de Pisseleu, the king’s favorite, who has a fierce hatred for him. Almost queen … More than queen


Penhic is a small island with no history off the coast of Brittany until the day when about twenty armed activists land and imprison the inhabitants. Alpha, their leader, has planned everything except that the space shuttle that connects Penhic to the mainland escapes them and allows five passengers to hide on the island. Who are these activists? What do they want? Who is the alien on the space shuttle who returns after a ten-year absence? Will our five heroes succeed in preventing Operation Océanite Storm? And will Candice find the love of her life on this occasion?

Black track

The majestic Alps. Still silence, torn to pieces by screaming skis. At the bottom of a track, a jubilant crowd cheers on the performance of champion Boris Arnoux, the country’s treasure who has just won the competition. At L’Isba, the most beautiful hotel in the resort, we celebrate this victory. Further down the valley, in a makeshift camp, a caravan burns down, enclosing a poorly placed seasonal worker in its flames. This “accident” is the starting point for an investigation led by Emilie Karras, a native of Clairies, a young policeman from Lyon.

The girl and the night

Winter 1992. Vinca fled her campus with her philosophy teacher, with whom she had a secret relationship. We will never see her again. Fanny, Thomas and Maxim, his best friends, meet again twenty-five years later at a reunion of former students. They learn that the gymnasium where they had buried a corpse will be destroyed. From then on, there is nothing to prevent the truth from coming out


From her very first casting at the age of 15 to the film adaptation of La Vérité de Clouzot, ten years later in 1960, the career of Brigitte Bardot, who will become a beloved star by playing for her husband Vadim, And God created woman. But her life as a woman, loving freedom and love, also made her a hunted and criticized icon. And it is not the men she loved, Trintignant, Bécaud, Distel, Charrier and Frey, who will succeed in protecting her. Trapped in the tornado of unprecedented fame, she realizes that there is no longer any limit to the violation of her privacy.

The swarm

All over the world, sea creatures are suddenly attacking humans. Scientists from several countries understand that unknown intelligence is likely to coordinate these attacks and threaten all of humanity. They go on an expedition to confront her. The fate of the people of the world is in their hands.

tender meat

Sasha, this is the new girl from high school. But until a few months ago, Sasha was an uneventful boy. His problems were the same as for teens his age. But Sasha has learned that she has been lied to since she was born: she was born with a body that was neither completely girl nor completely boy. An intersex body. Between the doctors who never stopped wanting to “fix” her, and her parents, who always hid it from her “to protect her”, Sasha is horrified and angry. She now has only one idea in mind: to discover her identity.

Ludvig 28

Today, in a France where the monarchy has never been abolished, a plane crash costs the entire royal family their lives. Samia, a naive teacher without authority, finds out that her son Cédric, a simple teenager born of a temporary union with a nobleman, is heir to the throne. Cédric, now named Louis 28, has many projects for the kingdom, such as the “abolition of mathematics”, but he will come up against the directives of a retrograde regent who is ready to do anything to stumble upon him. Mother and son are thus driven into a courtyard where these “toothless” are the object of all perfidy.

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