#MMM, ENTJ, DTF, ENM … What do these acronyms mean as we look at profiles on dating apps?

Dating applications deserve their own encyclopedia as there are terms used there whose meaning is often unknown. Whether on Tinder, Bumble, Happn or Badoo, some users mark their bios with acronyms that are supposed to say a lot about their personality, but which are hard to decipher if you do not fully master the vocabulary specific to dating .

It is by hanging around on apps in search of the love of our lives (or just a transient flirtation) that we are confronted with these funny terms, which we are then required to google. We therefore hope that your Google search will now bring you to this article, which aims to make your work easier, by listing all these terms found on dating sites and apps, as well as their meaning. Enough for you to finally understand them and maybe even add them to your own bio.

#MMM: what does this hashtag mean?

You may have already come across this hashtag on your crush’s profile while tooting your brains to try to guess what these three ladies could mean. If this acronym is conceived by the Instagram account Orgasm et moi, originally meant “Wonderful guys girls”, its meaning was somewhat modified by its creator, who wanted to make it more spacious. #MMM therefore now denotes “Mixed wonderful minds”in French : “A sweet mix of wonderful souls”.

This hashtag is used to advocates an unrestrained, benevolent and inclusive sexualitywhich gives pride of place to communication, listening and non-judgment. The people who fill in this hashtag in their bio are therefore logically well-meaning and well-informed on this subject, but that does not mean that we should lift our guard and give up all mistrust, because some do not hesitate to use it only to multiply their matches without any sincerity in their approach …

INTJ, ENTJ, ENFP… The personality types of the MBTI test

These sequences of letters, which appear to have been randomly determined by an algorithm, actually correspond to 16 MBTI Psychological Test Personality Types (Myers Briggs Type Indicator). These acronyms therefore make it possible to indicate whether you have more to do with a person who is introverted, extroverted, pragmatic, poetic, charismatic …

The 16 MBTI personality types fall into 4 categories.

The analysts:

  • INTJ : Imaginative thinkers and strategists, with a plan for everything.
  • INTP : Inventors, innovators and equipped with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.
  • ENTJ : Bold, imaginative leaders with a strong character. They always find a way to reach their goal, otherwise they create it.
  • ENTP : Wise and curious thinker, unable to withstand intellectual challenges.

The diplomats:

  • INFJ : Calm and mysterious idealists, but very inspiring and tireless.
  • INFPs : Poetic, kind and altruistic people who are always ready to support a good cause.
  • ENFJ : Charismatic and inspiring leaders, able to fascinate their public.
  • ENFP : Enthusiastic, creative and sociable free spirits who always manage to find a reason to smile.


  • ISTJ : Pragmatic people who are interested in facts whose seriousness can not be questioned.
  • ISFJ : Very devoted and very warm protectors, always ready to defend those they love.
  • ESTJ : Excellent leaders, unsurpassed in their effectiveness when it comes to managing things or people.
  • ESFJ : Extraordinarily caring, sociable and popular people, always ready to help others.


    • ISTP : Brave and pragmatic subjects, masters of all kinds of tools.
    • ISFP : Flexible and charming artists, always ready to explore and try something new.
    • ER P : Wise, energetic and very insightful people who really enjoy living on the cutting edge.
    • ESDP : Spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic entertainers; with them you never get bored.

Pronouns: he / she, she / she / he / she …

Some people indicate the pronouns they want to be called and it is important to be aware of them so as not to make a mistake by disrespecting anyone.

“DTF”: for business plans

This anglicism is the abbreviation for “down to hell” (“ready to love”), in other words, the people who use this term in their bio are not there to play cards … The message at least has the benefit of being clear!

“LTR”: for serious matters

LTR is the abbreviation for “Fixed relationship” (“Fixed relationship”). The person who hires him is therefore not looking for a one-night stand, but a serious relationship.

“ENM” or “Etchically Non Monogamous”

An acronym used by people who do not obey the norms of monogamy. It is therefore most often found on the profile of free or polyamorous couples.

unicorn emoji

The unicorn emoji in a bio on a dating app is most often a bisexual woman who wants to have a relationship with a male-female couple. Although we may not necessarily limit this emoji to a single gender and sexual orientation.

Emoji with up or down arrow

These arrows are mainly used by members of the LGBTQ + community and are intended to indicate whether one is active (up arrow) or passive (down arrow) during intercourse. The arrow, which goes in both directions, denotes a versatile person: who is both active and passive.


These figures refer to the American term used by cannabis consumers. This is therefore a way to “warn” others that you happen to smoke more or less regularly.

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