She marries this millionaire for her money, without suspecting the formidable revenge he had prepared!

Sandrine Devillard is a beautiful young woman, a blonde and flirtatious Parisian of 42 sources and works as a real estate agent. As for Marcel Amphoux, a 67-year-old farmer, he has always lived in his hometown of Puy-Saint-Pierre. Between the two, it was love at first sight. A love story begins between Sandrine and Marcel, much to the amazement of those close to the latter.

Love makes you blind?

There was a big age difference between Sandrine and her farmer, as the beautiful blonde is 25 years younger than her. And not to mention their totally opposite characters. Marcel was a farmer with a big heart, kind and sincere, while the beautiful Sandrine is an intelligent, sunny, outgoing woman, but above all very strategic.

Marcel Amphoux’s relatives did not see this association with a particularly good eye, and they did everything to warn the farmer, but he did not listen to them. Sandrine’s arrival in his life is for Marcel a true miracle and a true ray of sunshine. In the beginning, scalded by his previously disappointing love experiences, Marcel now projects himself into a bright future with Sandrine and is even ready to formalize their relationship, which the atypical couple did by getting married on September 7, 2011.

If his entourage was so suspicious and had many concerns about this association, it is because in their eyes, this love story sounds really false. For to them, the Parisian would have absolutely no interest in sealing his days with a man older than her. It is very simple, her relatives are categorical: If Sandrine Devillard showed such determination and finally succeeded in marrying Marcel Amphoux, it was only of pure desire and material and financial interest. No romance there.

The couple got married

Marcel lives in a dilapidated hut located on the mountain. He pays neither rent nor electricity. But if the farmer has a modest life, the reality is in fact a completely different one. In fact, he is at the same time the owner of several lands and accommodations in the Alps, near several ski resorts.

A real goldmine that inevitably attracted Sandrine Devillard, who smelled a good deal, quickly approached and seduced him with a specific goal: to be able to reclaim all these precious grounds later through inheritance.

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A property that gave the retired farmer the nickname “rich hermit”. That is why, by marrying Sandrine, Marcel triggered the strongest reactions and controversies from the 500 inhabitants of the village of Puy-Saint-Pierre. Good souls have even made it their mission to warn him, as one of the guests and close to Marcel, who does not give up.

“Do not write Marcel. You will be cheated. She will betray you,” tried to warn one of his relatives.

Marcel’s accident

Sandrine is well aware of the hostility of the villagers and guests. Therefore, during her much talked about marriage to Marcel, she spoke to defend herself against the accusers, saying that she was a woman in love and did not chase Marcel’s fortune. She had indicated in the columns of the Parisian that she had her own property. The beautiful blonde had even recorded a clip as a declaration of love to her lover to silence the gossip.

Marcel would have done better in listening to the advice of those closest to him. For good reason, some time after his marriage to Sandrine, he was the victim of a terrible car accident and died on the spot. According to the information, the accident in question is due to bad weather and dense fog.

On this disastrous day, the driver who threw the car into a ravine, hampered by the fog, is none other than Marcel’s neighbor and very close friend. This is also the origin of the first meeting between the farmer and Sandrine, would they be complicit? In any case, the farmer’s fortune is around one million euros, and since he had no children now that he is dead, Sandrine becomes the only legitimate heir.

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Marcel’s revenge

S the young woman hurried to evict the tenants who occupied the premises thanks to the generosity of her deceased husband, she got a bad surprise. Sandrine learned that her husband had excluded her from the will. Worse is that she learns that in this document, written shortly before his death, Marcel had carefully made sure to bequeath all his property to his tenants, thus making the “rich hermit” also hereditary from his wife.

Sandrine was angry. She felt fooled and cheated, she took legal steps that have not yet led to the present day. As for Marcel Amphoux, we can say that he punished Sandrine Devillard well, as the young woman during their years of marriage would not have given him as much attention as he wanted.

She only came to see him 5 or 6 times throughout this period and asserted her professional commitments in Paris. It is therefore because of the repeated absence of his beauties that the farmer, disappointed, frustrated and bitter, had started divorce proceedings and decided to take revenge by excluding his loved one and sore from his will. It was clearly not the agreement of the century for Sandrine.

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