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Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru hits theaters this Wednesday. The sequel to the film, which originates from the “Me, ugly and mean” franchise, is to be seen with the family from 6 years.

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Once upon a time :

With the 70s in full swing, Gru draws up a Machiavellian plan to successfully integrate a famous group of supervillains, known as The Vicious 6. He gets help in his task from the Minions, his small turbulent companions rather than faithful.

When Vicious 6 fires their leader, the legendary Will Karnage, Gru goes to audition to join the team. The least we can say is that the interview goes wrong, and suddenly briefly, as Gru demonstrates his superiority over them and suddenly finds himself their sworn enemy.

Forced to flee, he will have no choice but to turn to Will Karnage himself to find a solution, a meeting that will allow him to discover that even supervillains sometimes need friends.


Gad Elmaleh returns to the service and lends his voice to Gru for the fifth time after the 3 films from the Despicable Me saga and the spin-off to Minions, where the young Gru appeared at the end. In The Minions 2, which takes place in 1976, he gives voice to Gru at the age of 12.

Here, Claudia Tagbo lends her voice to Belle Bombe, a member of Vicious 6, while Gérard Darmon lends voice to Will Karnage, the former leader of the group of villains who will eventually join Gru.

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The evil 6

• What they will love : The Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru will delight fans of the franchise and the little yellow creatures. The film is full of references to pop culture from the 70s (the credits with James Bond sauce, the Jaws session, disco, kung-fu …) and gags follow each other at a furious pace.

Kidnapped by Will Karnage, Gru will be helped by his friends Minions, Bob, Kevin, Stuart and Otto, who will learn Kung-Fu in order to defeat the terrible Vicious 6. An intense workout that gives rise to fun scenes that will delight young people spectators.

Colorful and rhythmic, the feature film shows us Gravel’s childhood, his life as a pre-teenager, his bedroom, his mother, the creation of his villainous basement … So many elements that allow us to make the connection between all the movies of the saga .

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Fifth part of the most lucrative franchise in animation history (the 4 games have earned $ 37 billion worldwide), The Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru also features impressive action scenes: chases, explosions, fights, transformations … A real action and adventure movies.

For Chris Meledandri, president and founder of Illumination, this success comes from the blend of pure entertainment and emotion. “These movies touch people over and over again through their characters. The Minions seduce and delight the audience, as does Gru, with whom they identify a lot and want to see success, even though he is a villain.

• What can worry them: In the beginning of the film, The Vicous betrays 6 and gets rid of their leader Will Karnage. A scene that may worry the youngest because we may think the latter is dead.

Afterwards, while looking for a new memberThe Vicious 6 rejects Gru because he is only a child and pursues him when they realize he has stolen their precious treasure. They do not hesitate to destroy his house.

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Finally, Will Karnage asks his henchmen to kidnap the young boy. The latter kidnaps Gru in the middle of the night and locks him inside their van.

Scenes that may frighten small viewers, but which are quickly downplayed by comedy.

• What they want to keep inside them: A great moment of fun! At the end of the film, the kids will especially remember the many gags from the Minions, their self-sacrifice and their unconditional love for their mini-boss.

For his part, Gru understands that these naive and somewhat troublesome creatures are there for him, and that friendship is important even when one is evil.

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Director Kyle Balda, who is already directing Despicable Me 3 with Eric Guillon and Pierre Coffin, and the Minions (with Pierre Coffin) explains:

The first film explained Minion’s origins, their desires, their goals, including earning a supervillain.

With The Minions 2, we find out why they stuck with Gru and what the hero from the first saga was like when he was still just a pre-teen with supervillain dreams.“.

And the reason why the cute little yellow men stayed with the “bad guy” Gru is pretty simple, they became friends …


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