the popular Cardano (ADA) project will launch Vasil

Cardano (ADA) continues to grow despite the cumulative delays. In this case, the hard fork Vasil landed on his test net with great fanfare under the admiring and reassuring eyes of members of his community. This long-awaited upgrade will bring significant performance improvements to this blockchain. Moreover, Vasil fits perfectly with what the current phase of network development is trying to achieve.

The launch will take place in about 4 weeks

When a blockchain project wants to make major changes to its network, it first performs extensive testing on parallel networks. The network is split – that is, replicated identically – and then tested. This is what just happened to Cardano. And the team announced it on July 3rd.

Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the research and development company that develops the Cardano blockchain, announced on Sunday: “We are pleased to announce that the IOG team today at 20:20 UTC succeeded in deploying Cardano Testnet. This is an important next step in the journey towards upgrading Vasil on the mainnet. “

The team also asked Stake Pool Operators (SPOs) and blockchain-based developers to begin the final testing and integration process.

“Vasil is a complex work program. Projects need to check for backward compatibility and SPOs will need to make some script adjustments, “said IOHK.

On the one hand, developers need to make sure their apps are backwards compatible. On the other hand, SPOs and exchanges will need to modify their scripts to integrate new updates. This approach is designed to ensure that the app works properly before Vasil goes live on the main network.

At Cardano, we are talking about 4 weeks before the launch. It should enable faster block creation and greater scalability for decentralized applications.

Vasil will also enable interoperability between different side chains. This is one of the most important work goals in the current development phase, called “Basho”. As a reminder, we are in the fourth phase of the project. The next one, called “Voltaire”, will focus on governance.

The previous “Goguen” phase focused on smart contract functionality. Its implementation has made it possible to launch several applications around decentralized financing. The Cardano team will continue to work so that the move to the mainnet will be announced when “ecosystem partners are comfortable and ready.”

Improve performance and reduce costs

The upgrade comes after the Alonzo hard fork enabled the implementation of smart contracts and is expected to significantly improve Cardano’s performance and functionality. This update will improve scripting performance and efficiency and reduce costs.

The seventh-largest market-value cryptocurrency, the ADA, rose 3% in the last 24 hours to trade at $ 0.465 on Monday (UTC). Tokenet fell 5% in a week and 17% in a month, according to CoinGecko.

The Cardano project is still very popular among parts of the crypto community. Its fans examine the slightest development, regardless of market configuration, and they always accumulate house tokens. In addition, institutional investors like to fill their bags with ADA while waiting for better days in the market.

Cardano has had its ups and downs, but the project is still very popular among the crypto community. According to the IOHK, the development of Vasil was the most troublesome ever.

In addition, the fork will only be released on the mains when the test participants are fully convinced. This approach is part of a security precautionary logic. That said, the news did not affect the price of Cardano’s native token, ADA.

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