When two Drouaises arrive at the Festival d’Avignon 2022

Actress, theater teacher at the conservatory, director, director of the Tree and Company, but also king of the theater festival Derrière les fagots, in Saint-Ange-et-Torçay, she bets a lot on Avignon. This year she is offering her piece Love, inspired by Leonor de Recondo’s novel. 2022 will mark her third participation in Avignon, an agreement she considers significant.

“It’s a wealth, a way to make oneself known. In Avignon, I really feel like I’m at the heart of my job, to be like Jean-Baptiste Poquelin. That is, to go hunting for the spectators by pulling there is a whole lot of excitement in a city where we talk, live and eat theater for a month. We feel a solidarity between the companies, we support each other.

Amours is also a very personal representation of carnal relationships.

Attract programmers from all regions

And this year, Vanessa Sanchez plays big because she bets a lot on the impact of her play, where love is rejected under various themes such as body, religion, the carnal relationship, homosexuality, the class relationship, the female liberation, the weight of religion, etc. “In a nutshell, the play was set in the early 20th century and is about an illegal love affair in a bourgeois house … It resonates a lot in our society.”

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Vanessa Sanchez explains that she voluntarily put on a “multidisciplinary show with theater, dance, puppets. The choreographies make it possible to approach the rawest scenes.” She hopes her show will appeal to the public, of course, but also to programmers, from the big city and Dom-Tom. “We are already well seen in the Center-Val-de-Loire region. Avignon gives us the opportunity to be seen beyond our territory.”

“I want to look for the next edition of the Saint-Ange-et-Torçay festival”

Choosing Avignon is as much an artistic, human … as financial investment. “Making Avignon requires a budget of € 50,000. We have help from the region, otherwise we take our own money. So we hope to have a good recipe.” For Vanessa Sanchez, Avignon also means you offer yourself plenty of performances. Especially because she wears the double hat as a spectator and programmer of the Festival Derrière les fagots in Saint-Ange-et-Torçay. “I will look for the next edition, in August 2023.”

In conclusion, she crosses her fingers at the new wave of Covid in the hope that it will not ruin “her” Avignon. “We’re talking about masks again …” As long as cinemas stay open!

Léna de Saint-Riquier is very much Nerd...

Photo by Louis Barsiat.

Léna de Saint Riquier is a resident of Dreux and embodies one of the characters from Nerdthe 2.0 interactive comedy, which will be performed for the first time in Avignon.

Originally a triangle, but several options so this love trio does not go in the sink. The originality is that the public remains in control of the game and chooses the rest of the story, driven into a story like the players in a video game. He is asked to vote and contributes through his choices to the plot twists. Léna de Saint Riquier created the only female role (Lucie) and very tenacious, “but I myself am not much of a video game nerd.”

20 years, 20 films, for the anniversary of the Dreux cinema

“I love this well of life”

His “substance” would rather be classical texts like Molières. But the daughter of actor-writer Bruno de Saint Riquier, a faithful tenant of the theater troupe to pieces, is thrilled with the originality of Nerd, by Maxime Minault and directed by Renato Ribeiro. The play mixes the sources of a comedy with vaudeville sauce and a context imbued with the virtual and digital world.

“Geek has a very modern concept, via video games, where digital plays a key role. And there is the question of the eternal love triangle, where the characters meet or fall apart. This piece therefore speaks to many generations. For the actors, it is a very pleasant piece to perform. Although the public is called to vote, everything is written, all possibilities are considered on the outcome of this triangle. »

Nerd is not his first game in Avignon. Léna de Saint Riquier has already immersed herself in this “creation kettle” with another work, Don Juane, a feminine Don Juan, in recent years. Each time it is a new adventure, boundless happiness, she says. “I love this well in life, which of course is very tiring, but also a waking dream. In a month we are aware of what we like best to do. And then it is a collective experience. We come exhausted, with only a desire to go back. ”

For Léna de Saint Riquier, Geek relies as much on the classic sources of comedy as on the codes of our highly digitalized era.

“A real rebirth”

After more than two years of pandemic, according to Léna de Saint Riquier, Avignon 2022 should be “the real renaissance of the festival. We all need it, both the actors and the spectators. Bring the culture back to life!” Although she is the daughter of an actor, Bruno de Saint Riquier “(Théâtre du Détour), Léna de Saint Riquier did not go to Avignon in her childhood. In return, she lived a version where the two played two separate pieces. The two are always very complicit, exchanging their experiences.” Father is always a good advice. »

premium What a conclusion to the “Histoires de Femmes” festival in Dreux

Nerd. By Maxime Minault, directed by Rénato Ribeiro. With Léna de Saint-Riquier, Louise Cassin, Romain Pirosa, Grégoire Gougeon. In Avignon, at Cinévox, at 11:50. At the start of the school year at the Théâtre de la Boussole in Paris.
Love. At the Presence Pasteur Theater. Directed by Vanessa Sanchez. With Déborah Coustols, Aurélia Poirier, Emmanuel Leckner. In the presence of the Pasteur Theater at 14.05.
The nest egg. I Théâtre des Corps Saints, kl. 21.55.

Olivier Bohin

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