Why will this unknown crypto explode so fast?

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Why will this unknown crypto explode so fast?

Bitclout is a crypto that is still unknown to the general public, but which may soon explode. It is a decentralized alternative to Twitter or any other social network. This project was launched this year, more precisely in March 2021. This new social network is based on blockchain. In fact, users can buy and sell coins on their behalf using Clout, the platform token.

An important detail

This company is funded by large investment funds such as: Sequoia Capital Social capital, Coinbase Ventures, Winklevosscap, etc. In addition, it is the magazine Product Hunt, recognized for its audience and its notoriety, that first talked about this unknown crypto, which could explode. It is also on the website of this famous magazine that we find the best projects that will be launched, information about American start-ups that are innovating, etc.
Bitclout in the early stages received a $ 160 billion investment to implement its technology. The special thing about this project lies in the fact that in addition to all the features on Twitter, this platform has “virtual diamonds”. It is in a way a form of currency that Bitclout uses to pay people. If your content is interesting, people can offer you diamonds by clicking on the icon. The diamonds received give their holders a share of Bitclout, which they can convert into dollars.

You receive diamonds by interacting on the platform. You can either write comments with interesting content that will appeal to people. The value of each diamond depends on who gives it to you. The more expensive the corner of the latter, the more valuable is his diamond.

The benefits of the Bitclout social network

This social network offers many benefits.

Source code is available

Just go to github.com/bitclout to get the full source code. This means that you can get inspiration from Bitclout to design a similar platform in a few hours, with basic knowledge of IT development. That means they are open as you will never find source code from Facebook or Twitter, let alone Google.

The revolutionary vision for this platform

According to the initiators of Bitclout, social networks have various problems today. First, there is no extraordinary innovation in the way of remunerating creators. In fact, advertising is still the most widely used remuneration tool on most platforms. Therefore, creators earn less than they should. Their work is not rewarded at fair value.
Second, what interests most of these platforms is maximizing their advertising revenue at the expense of users’ real needs. Third, most of these companies cut developer access. This has already happened with Twitter once. To overcome this, Bitclout has created a decentralized system where it would be possible to help creators who create high value-added content get paid properly. Developers will be able to create additional services. Tokens were unlimited in the beginning, but these tokens are now limited. The total number of Bitclout will be hovering at 10.8 million. This will undoubtedly increase the value of the token.

Some important reservations about this unknown crypto

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Some celebrities are present on Bitclout, but in reality they do not have an account on the platform as the profile is always reserved. This is the case, for example, with Elon Musk. This is a marketing stunt from the team at the beginning of the project to create more interest from the public.
Then it is important to clarify that Bitclout is not yet listed on coinmarketcap. This crypto is only available on blockchain.com. It differs from “Bitcloud”, which is listed on coinmarketcap. For now, you can not buy any. In fact, you can create a free account on Bitclout, set it up well, and follow the accounts of Rémy Bigot and Jonathan Nowak. Then produce quality content and interact on the social network.
It is important to buy your own coins for many reasons. It will increase your value easily and effortlessly. Better yet, it will increase the percentage of coin you are going to own compared to the total demand.

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This text does not constitute investment advice. Do your own research and invest only the money you can afford to lose.

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