A couple with two children order a single meal, the waitress understands

Judith is a waitress at a restaurant and she deals with many guests every day. But one day she realizes that something is wrong with a family. A little girl seems to need help and she does not hesitate to try anything. Apparently it’s a normal family, a couple and two toddlers. But when ordering, the waitress does not understand why there are only three meals. In fact, two for the couple and only one kids menu. Check out this exciting story.

Fun order for a couple and their kids at the restaurant …

At first, Judith sees nothing strange about this couple and the children. But when he places the order, Judith does not understand. The unrest sets in. Do any of the children have a problem? Throughout the service, the waitress tried to find out the truth.

A negative intuition

However, this is not the first time that Judith has encountered surprising customers. But this time it’s different. She has a bad feeling and has done everything to try to figure out the problem.

The couple places an order and the unrest ensues

So the couple orders only one children’s menu. However, there are two toddlers at the table. Judith thinks this is surprising, but she naively thinks the kids are going to share the menu because they are a little hungry. But something else surprises her. The children are especially well-behaved, polite, they do not move a single millimeter. Are they afraid of something or someone? At once she imagines the worst and thinks of the safety of the children. Therefore, she decides to observe the attitude of this family very carefully.

A forgotten child?

The couple are gay and talk a lot with their son, but not with their daughter. The latter is dumb and motionless. Is she being punished or scolded just before the restaurant? When the order is ready, Judith arrives at their table to hand over the menus. The waitress asks who the kids menu is for and it was for the little boy.

The waitress is examining …

Judith questioned the couple by asking them if there might be a kids menu missing? Embarrassed, the head of the family replies that his daughter had a bird’s stomach … The obvious thing for Judith is that the little girl did not have the same behavior as her brother. She looked very sad. This picture was unbearable for the waitress and she decides that she will do anything to try to talk to the little girl alone.

… and hatches a plan to reveal the truth

Judith continued to observe the family. She hid from her parents and tried to give the little girl a sign. In fact, she wrote on a piece of paper: Do you need help ? » and shows it from a distance. The little girl responds by shaking her head as if to say: Yes“. At this moment, the waitress … She informs her colleagues as well as her boss that she wants to try a trick. In fact, she drops the drinks on the couple so they move away from the table and go to the toilet.

The couple leaves the restaurant with the two children

And it’s the father who gets the drinks on his clothes! Annoyed, he goes to the toilet. The little one had also been given a few drops, so Judith took the opportunity to suggest that her mother make sure to clean her toilet. A chance to talk to him one-on-one. Against all expectations, the mother takes Judith in her arms and whispers to her: “take it fast”. In the toilets, Judith did not have time to learn more about the girl’s situation. In fact, his father was angry and shouted in front of the bathroom door.

In fact, he had noticed his daughter’s disappearance, which worried him. So Judith has no choice but to open the door … Father and daughter return to the table and the couple has gone with the two children … One thing is for sure, Judith will discover the truth sooner or later!

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