How much does a nanny, asshole or babysitter cost?

How much do you have to pay your nanny or daycare provider according to your region? Follow our guide to find out about the remuneration and prices of childcare in France.

The price of nanny and day care workers is rising

[Mise à jour du 7 juillet 2022 à 13h55]. According to a new study from the Observatory of Family Jobs published on July 7, 2022, day care workers are paid an average of 3.70 euros per day. fit children, in the 4th quarter of 2021. A figure increased by 2% over a year. But daycare pay varies significantly from region to region, a 45% difference between the cheapest ward and another more expensive one. Prices reach 3.10 euros in Sarthe and Orne, 4.50 euros in Réunion or Haute Corse, and more than 4 euros also in 15 departments such as Hauts-de-Seine, Bouches-du-Rhône, Guyana, Alpes-de-Haute -Provence, Alpes-Maritimes. Thus, nearly 966,000 parents need a maternity assistant, cheaper than a nanny at home. As for the price of a nanny, it is actually necessary to count 9.70 euros net on average, a figure increased by 2.2% over a year according to the Federation of Individual Employers of France (Fepem), which states that 122,530 parents use a nanny to care for their baby.

How much should a daycare provider pay?

Remember that since July 1, 2022, the net hourly wage for a day care worker must not be less than 3.06 euros gross and 3.18, if it is a “childcare assistant” subject to agreement and statutory provisions. Employer parents must also supplement the salary for paid leave, and a maintenance allowance (3.47 euros per child for a 9-hour day) as well as expenses for meals … On average, it is the day care workers’ net hourly wage per. child care is 3.7 euros (in France and in the 4th quarter of 2021), ie. an annual increase of 2%.

Regions hourly rate
Pays de la Loire 3.4 euros
Normandy 3.4 euros
Burgundy Franche Comte 3.5 euros
Loire Valley Center 3.5 euros
Hauts-de-France 3.5 euros
Brittany € 3.6
Great East € 3.6
New Aquitaine € 3.6
Auvergne Rhone Alps € 3.8
Occitania € 3.9
Ile-de-France 4.1 €
Guadeloupe 4.2 euros
Martinique 4.3 euros
Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur 4.3 euros
Guyana 4.4 euros
Corsica 4.5 euros
Meet 4.5 euros

How much should a nanny pay?

Average, the net hourly wage for home carers is 9.7 euros (in France and in the 4th quarter of 2021), ie. an annual increase of 2.2%, specifies the Observatory of Home Employment and Fepem in a July 7 study. There are a total of 111,600 home carers, with once again differences depending on wards and regions.

Regions hourly rate
Peaks of France € 9.2
Great East € 9.3
Burgundy Franche Comte € 9.3
Martinique € 9.4
Corsica € 9.4
Loire Valley Center 9.5 euros
Pays de la Loire 9.5 euros
Meet 9.5 euros
Normandy 9.5 euros
Occitania € 9.6
New Aquitaine € 9.6
Brittany € 9.6
Guadeloupe € 9.7
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes € 9.7
Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur € 9.7
Ile-de-France € 9.8
Guyana 10 euros

Let us remember that too since August 1, 2018 and taking into account the increase in the minimum wage, home care has increased. Nanny must now be paid 10.21 euros gross per hour, compared to 9.98 euros previously (which at the time corresponded to 7.67 euros net, according to the website For 40 hours of work per week, this corresponded to 1736 euros gross per month, or about 1335 euros net). This salary increase follows a change published on 12 January 2018 in the Official Journal of the European Union. The amount also depends on other criteria : the number of children to be cared for at home, her professional experience … During the interview, do not hesitate to ask for the salary that the nanny wants and offer a price range on your side that allows you to adjust and negotiate . Finally, once the nanny is found, all that remains is to establish a contract, which in particular will make it possible to define pay conditions taking into account unemployment benefits or mileage allowances, paid holidays, transportation costs, meals … Before deciding the price of your nanny, start by asking your friends who also hire a nanny at home. Also be aware that daycare rates vary from region to region. You must then define the salary according to these criteria in order to be in accordance with the hourly wage practiced near you.

What is the hourly rate for a babysitter?

Childcare and help from Caf

On the budget side, you should know that parents who hire a nanny benefit from certain help from the Café and one tax deduction up to 50%. Remember, however, that these costs must be brought forward, as the tax return only takes place the following year. Finally, parents of children under the age of 6 who work and who have their child cared for by a nanny have the right to Guard Mode Supplement (CMG). The monthly amount paid by the Café is then calculated according to your income, the number of dependent children and their age, Info on the website

Childcare and tax deductions

But if the government is to implement a reform in January 2022 to make the tax deduction immediate for all personal benefits (household, home help for dependent people, gardening, etc.), childcare is the only activity not included! With the exception of parents, Individual employers no longer have to wait a year to benefit from the refund of their tax deduction : they pay only 50% of the cost of the service, the state makes sure to pay the other half directly to the employee.

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