Nina Dobrev reveals what we suspected Elena in the Vampire Diaries was taking from her

Nina Dobrev is now very happy with her current boyfriend, Shaun White, whom she has known since 2019. But long before this relationship and the role of Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries, she was in a relationship with another actress who also tried to starring in the series, but things did not work out.

Years after its last episode aired on The CW, The Vampire Diaries is still one of the channel’s most popular shows, thanks in large part to Netflix, which made all eight seasons available to new and old viewers. Whether you have recently discovered the paranormal romance that is primarily about two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore (played by Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder), who fall in love with the same woman, Elena Gilbert, or have known her for a long time time, Nina Dobrev’s curious love story, when she got her role as Elena, made it even more interesting.

Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries shared the details of her audition moment.

Although Nina Dobrev is happily in love and is currently dating Olympic snowboarder Shaun White, she has certainly had other high-profile relationships that go back to when she starred in The Vampire Diaries. But we are not talking about Ian Somerhalder here when the actress recently opened up about the romantic relationship she was in when she got the role of Elena Gilbert and how it did not have to happen.

Nina Dobrev participated in a recent interview whose host is also a CW veteran during her time at Gossip Girl. The actresses discussed their time on the channel, the actress’ upcoming projects, their lifelong friendship and of course The Vampire Diaries. When the topic of auditions came up, Jessica Szohr asked Nina Dobrev how she felt about her chemistry readings when it came to the difficult process of recruiting the male lead roles of the supernatural drama. Ms Dobrev opened up to meet potential Damons and Stefan and explained that her then boyfriend even went to audition for Damon, but it was not Ian Somerhalder.

“I found out that my boyfriend was also auditioning for the show as soon as I saw him on the set. You would have thought they would hire him, but they trusted Ian and they hired me. Then it got awkward, and we broke up shortly after. “

While auditioning with your partner may sound pretty good in theory, it doesn’t take much imagination to consider how awkward it can get if one gets the role and the other doesn’t. Nina Dobrev has not said whether she and her ex are still getting along after this breakup, but we can assume that even that friendship may have been an awkward town. Despite a heartache at the time, everything ended well for Dobrev as she continued to lead one of The CW’s most popular series.

Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries reveals how getting the role of Elena ruined her romantic relationship.

Although Nina Dobrev’s then boyfriend did not join the cast, fans have probably not regretted it. Damon Salvatore did not have the best reputation, although viewers still love and adore him today, and Ian Somerhalder admitted in 2021 that fans’ love for the poisonous vampire caused problems at the start of the series when he was supposed to be a key. villain. It’s unclear if that would have been the case with another actor in the role, but that’s not really an issue given how things turned out.

One of the most beloved elements in The Vampire Diaries is the relationship between the characters, whether it’s Delena, Stelena or even the “totally screwed together” couple Klaroline. With The Vampire Diaries universe over for now, after the Legacies ended, it may take a while before we find our favorite couple again.

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